Horror Hatched in the Trailer for the 'Embryo' Pilot [Video] - Bloody Disgusting
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Horror Hatched in the Trailer for the ‘Embryo’ Pilot [Video]



Patricio Valladares (Nightworld, Hidden In the Woods) has shared the first trailer for his sci-fi horror pilot “Embryo”, which he describes as a cross between Species (1995) and Breakdown (1997). The film was previously selected to participate in the “Upcoming Fantastic Films” section of Blood Window at Cannes.

“Embryo” is described as a deliriously twisted tale of alien insemination, cannibalism, and love that:“

Tells the story of Kevin and his girlfriend Evelyn, who, while camping out in the woods in the Chile countryside is abducted and impregnated by otherworldly beings. As the entity inside her begins to grow at a rapid rate, Evelyn discovers that the cravings she’s experiencing can only be satiated by the taste of human flesh and blood. When she attacks a doctor, Kevin decides not to hand her over to the authorities, but to go on the run and try to get to big city where they can find help to remove the thing that’s slowly taking over Evelyn’s body.

“Embryo” was co-created and written by Barry Keating (Downhill, Rift) and Patricio Valladares. The pilot series was produced by Francisco Inostroza, Loris Curci (Producer of Nightworld). And is produced by Chilean-based Suspenso and Chilean Government. Corfo.

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