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“Bandersnatch” Seems to Actually Be a “Black Mirror” Feature Film from Netflix?!



Thanks to a now-deleted tweet, a rumor began spreading a couple weeks back that the fifth season of “Black Mirror” would be hitting Netflix on December 28th, or at the very least a single episode of the new season. But new information strongly suggests that December 28th isn’t bringing Season 5 or any episodes at all, but rather a “Black Mirror” movie?!

Spotted by user PhoOhThree over on Reddit, searching the title “Bandersnatch” on Netflix brings up “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” listed as “A Netflix Film.”

Underneath the title, the cryptic words “Be right back” tease that it’s coming soon.

Is this indeed a feature film under the “Black Mirror” banner and is this what’s hitting the streaming service on December 28th? We suppose only time will eventually tell.

For what it’s worth, Bandersnatch was a video game that was developed in 1984 but never released; many believe the episode/movie is centered on that very game.

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