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The ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Trailer Has Arrived and People are Not Happy



The Metal Gear franchise began back in 1987 with the Konami NES game that was directed and designed by Hideo Kojima, a man who has become an icon in the video game world. Adding stealth to the action/adventure genre, the series quickly became the inspiration for countless clones, all who tried to emulate the series’ unique mannerisms but, for many fans, never really matching up. Even with some stumbles here and there, fans are in agreement that the storyline presented throughout the games is complex, thrilling, and wholly engaging.

Now, before I get into Metal Gear Survive, the first post-Kojima Konami entry in the series, I think we need to remember a few events. Back in March of 2015, there were reports that Kojima was leaving Konami and that the fate of his current title Silent Hills was uncertain. Then there was the kerfuffle at the 2015 The Games Awards, where Konami didn’t let Kojima accept his awards. This drew huge amounts of ire and severely damaged Konami’s reputation. Finally, Kojima’s split with Konami became official at the end of last year when he announced that he would be forming his own studio. It is there that he’s working on Death Stranding, which will be, “…a new “genre”.” With that, we’re now up-to-date on the current history of Konami and Kojima.

Okay, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the trailer for Metal Gear Survive. The game is being called a, “…co-op survival game set in an alternate universe,” and it seemingly involves zombies, or some sort of similar monstrous denizen. Due to this shift in tone, it seems that fans are not taking kindly to this development. In fact, the reaction is outright hostile.

Remember how Ghostbusters had that crazy like/dislike ratio where the dislikes MASSIVELY outweighed the likes? Yeah, the same thing is happening here. As of this post, the likes are at just over 4,000 while the dislikes are clobbering them at over 26,600.

One commenter stated, “Im [sic] honestly just confused as to who this game was made for and how it makes literally any sense at all.” Another joked, “the new resident evil looks pretty crazy“. Yet another pointed out that in the beginning of the trailer, Snake and the crew on the helicopter were, “…getting the hell away from the sinking ship that is Konami“.

Personally, I think the trailer looks gorgeous and there are some interesting mechanics going on. However, putting it in the Metal Gear universe is a bold move that, for all I can tell, is simply meant to sell more copies. Obviously, it’s better to add to an existing popular franchise than to take a risk with a brand new IP but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

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