'Resident Evil 7' Just Won "Best VR Game" at the Game Awards! - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Resident Evil 7’ Just Won “Best VR Game” at the Game Awards!



Jack Baker Resident Evil 7

Huge news for Capcom tonight as “Resident Evil 7” just won “Best VR Game” at the Game Awards!

It’s hands down one of the best and scariest games I’ve ever played. I can only imagine how frightening it is in VR. Bloody Disgusting’s Justin Yandell just wrote a piece on VR games, highlighting “Resident Evil 7” as one of the best. In fact, he went as far as to write that he felt “a terrible pity for people who weren’t able to play it in VR,” further adding that it was “immersion on a level I’d never experienced before.”

Jimmy Champane reviewed the game on release, expressing that it “sets a new standard for survival horror,” adding that it’s “one of the scariest, most engaging survival horror stories out there.”

If you haven’t played the game yet, see if you can find a way to play it in VR because it can only be even more terrifying than the standard version on various platforms.

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For those of you who have experienced “RE7VR”, what did you think?