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[Trailer] Extra Terrifying ‘The Evil Within 2’ First Person Mode Now Available!



Get closer to the nightmare than ever before.

Released last year, The Evil Within 2 was hailed as one of the best horror games of 2017, but many were bummed that it wasn’t equipped with an immersive first-person mode. Mind you, gamers discovered a code for the PC version that allowed you to change to the first-person perspective, but only today has it been officially unloaded.

As of today, a FREE update for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One lets you switch from third-person to first-person, upping the terror and intensity of the game.

If the horrific world and hideous creatures weren’t terrifying enough already, the entirety of the game can now be played in first-person on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, thanks to the latest free update,” Bethesda said in a statement.

If you already have The Evil Within 2, changing to first-person is as simple as flipping a switch in the menu. You’ll be able to change this at any point, so you can experience the game however you like. If you haven’t had a chance to check out The Evil Within 2 and want to try it out, you can download the Free Trial and play through the opening chapters of the game including the new first-person mode. All save data will carry over if you choose to upgrade to the full game.”

A lot of players like playing horror games in first-person, so for those who want to see some of the game’s situations through Sebastian’s eyes, it’s a really neat experience,” said Tango Gameworks’ producer, Shinsaku Ohara. “I think exploring Union in first-person makes the scale feel even bigger than it does when you’re in third-person. Also, being able to see our environments and enemies up close allows players to get an even better look at how much effort went into their designs.”

Check out the first-person update trailer below.


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