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[Video] There’s a Fun ‘Tremors’ Easter Egg in ‘Far Cry 5’!



If you’ve spent several hours this past week (as I have) prowling around Hope County, Montana in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, you’ve possibly come across one of two Easter egg tributes to Stephen King’s IT that can be found in the game. One of them is located inside of O’Hara’s Haunted House, an operational attraction you can actually walk through!

But IT isn’t the only horror film that gets a fun tribute in Far Cry 5.

YouTube’s GoluptiousToast Gaming just brought a Tremors Easter egg to our attention, which he found in a house down the road from the Spread Eagle bar. Inside the house, there’s a phone you can interact with; pressing the square button while near the phone plays a message from a man named Burt, who’s heading South to a “small desert valley.”

It ain’t perfection, but sometimes bein’ prepared is about cuttin’ your losses,” he says.

The man leaving the message is clearly supposed to be Tremors character Burt Gummer, a survivalist who took up residence in the small desert valley known as… Perfection!


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