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Watch King Kong Battle Godzilla In Insane “Grand Theft Auto” Mod!



One of the coolest thing about modern gaming is the ability to mod, which allows computer-based gameplay to be modified to do basically whatever the user wants. Grand Theft Auto V has been the catalyst behind some insanely cool viral mods, although this new one takes the cake. While director Adam Wingard won’t be filming his Godzilla vs. Kong until this fall, this new GTA V mod allows users to become either King Kong or Godzilla.

In this video, the YouTuber transforms into the mighty Kong and comes fist-to-tail with the King of Monster, Godzilla. It’s a super glitchy, but awesome battle. And although punching things as either monster looks fun as hell, watching the user jumping off buildings and screaming is clearly the highlight of the below video.

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