Full Details on This Week's Massive 'Friday the 13th: The Game' Update; TEN Single Player Challenges - Bloody Disgusting
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Tomorrow, May 24, is a big day for Friday the 13th: The Game for a handful of reasons. For starters, the game will implement a 130% XP Bonus as well as Doubled Tape Drops, beginning tomorrow at 4pm EST and running through 4pm EST on Tuesday, May 29.

In addition, the next patch update arrives tomorrow, and it’s HUGE. Along with the hotly anticipated Single Player Challenges, tomorrow’s new update includes…

Counselor Victoria Sterling, Jason Part 7 rebalance, new skins for Roy, upgraded Jason grab, Jason weapon selection, PC key binding, AI improvements, and more.

Today, the game’s official website provided full details on the Thursday, May 24th update, highlighting exactly what you can expect from the Single Player Challenges.

Test your skills as Jason Voorhees by clearing out all of the counselors in Camp Crystal Lake in each of the 10 unique scenarios. Each level contains special cinematic kills that are available only in Single Player Challenges.

There are also multiple challenge objectives that are available in each level that can only be completed through proper planning and preparation. Play as Jason in any way you like. You may choose to be slow and sneaky for that suspenseful cinematic experience, or you may choose to brute force your way through, hacking and slashing!

There are also 30 new unlockable emotes that can be obtained in the Single Player Challenges! Each Challenge has a reward of 3 unique emotes through the collection of these following skulls: No Survivors Skull, XP Score Skull, and the Undetected Skull.”

Additionally, we’ve learned that Victoria Sterling will unlock at Level 42, with weapon swapping unlocking at Level 113. Read the official patch notes to learn more.


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