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Claustrophobia Mod Puts “Silent Hills” in “Fallout 4”



Again, it seems less likely we’ll be seeing another traditional entry in the Silent Hill series anytime soon. But thanks to fans, we have many inspirations made by fans that attempt to capture the spirit of Silent Hill and more recently, the cancelled Kojima project, Silent Hills. Then there are other fans who have taken to creating mods in lieu of games. One of the newer mods takes Silent Hill and plunks it into Fallout 4 in “Claustrophobia”.

Described as “a fan homage to the cancelled Silent Hills game”, this 30-minute mod puts the player in a condemned apartment on the outskirts of West Roxbury that’s filled with unkillable monsters and secret notes. In between the creaks and groans heard throughout the complex, mannequins that taunt you, walls that turn inward and a layout that seems to defy explanation, you’ve also got a custom Deathclaw on your tail. It sounds like an extension to the “Devil’s Due” sidequest found in the game, which is a win in my book!

Head to Nexus Mods for download and installation instructions for Claustrophobia, as well as Nexus Mod Manager (which is required to play the mod).

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