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Join The Battle Between Angels And Demons in ‘Devil’s Hunt’



Waiting for the Son of Sparda to get back to what he does best sucks. Lucky for us, publisher 1C Company and Warsaw-based developer Layopi Games have announced a brand-new IP and game in the form of Devil’s Hunt, a third-person action game due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Based on the novel “Equilibrium” by Polish author Paweł Leśniak, Devil’s Hunt has players taking on the role of Desmond, a man with demonic powers caught in the middle of the war between angels and demons. “The game features a heavy storyline that brings you back and forth between hell, modern USA, and an ancient city,” says game director Michał Sadowski.

“We plan some puzzles to solve, as well as many other obstacles that the player will have to cope with. Devil’s Hunt is intended as the first game of the series, and we want to put a strong focus on introducing the player to the game world and lore behind it.”

Like Devil May Cry‘s Dante, Desmond will rely on his supernatural abilities to put a hurt on his enemies, which involves “a robust skill and combo system,” says Sadowski. Unlike DMC, however, you’ll be able to reassign skill points at any time to mix up your play style, tailoring your strength towards physical combos or your magic abilities.

Sadowski and company are also making a point to focus on the story of the game, which from the looks of things, involves a choice for the player to make. “We focus more on showing the internal struggle of Desmond,” Sadowski says. “He’s caught up in the middle of the conflict he yet doesn’t understand. Everybody is trying to convince him to join their cause, and he tries to stay away from the agony of choice for as long as possible. Eventually he realizes that it’s not the choice that is a problem, but the people demanding it. So the story is more about growing up to the point where you can say ‘screw you!’ to the world and make your own decisions (while ripping some hearts out and smashing demons’ heads on the way).”

While there’s no gameplay footage to speak of, there is the slick teaser below showing off some pretty graphics. Obviously, we’ll be hearing more about this one in the future.

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