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Capcom’s Japanese Premium Edition of ‘Resident Evil 2’ Comes at a Premium Price



Have $1000 lying around? Capcom of Japan have something for you.

We know about the North American Collector’s Edition of the Resident Evil 2 remake, but Japan has something really special. The Japanese Premium Version of the game will come with a replica of the in-game Lexington typewriter, aka the same typewriter you use to save your game. It’s not for show, either. The keyboard will have a bluetooth connection, and is being produced via a collaboration with Qwerkytoys (based on their Qwerkywriter S model).

And for those who don’t quite want to spring a grand for the Premium Edition, you can also buy the typewriter separately for the low price of 75,000 yen, or roughly $670 USD. There’s also a bundle where you buy the typewriter, the game, and a roll of Ink Ribbon Masking Tape (1 of 4 random types) for 82,800 yen ($750 USD).

And yes, if you want the Premium Edition, which includes everything in the North American Collector’s Edition, with the typewriter, and all four types of Ink Ribbon Masking Tape, that will set you back 99,800 yen, which comes out to just over $904 USD. But factor in shipping, you’re going to be paying close to $1000.

By comparison, the non-RE2 keyboard, the Qwerkywriter S, retails for $249.00. It’s actually pretty neat, as you charge it via a USB cable, and you use the scroll knob to either adjust the volume or scroll the page of a document or website.

To grab any of these editions, head to Capcom of Japan’s Biohazard 2 store.

Likewise, if you’re interested in that Qwerkywriter S, you can head here for that one.

The Resident Evil 2 remake lumbers to retail on January 25th, 2019.

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