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Discover The Truth Behind an Abandoned Cult Compound in ‘Sagebrush’



Ever wondered what it’d be like to explore an abandoned cult compound? Well, in Redact Games’ upcoming first person adventure game, Sagebrush you can. The question is, has the compound really been abandoned?

Releasing on September 18th on Steam for $6.99USD, you can also find the game on Using a throwback low-poly aesthetic reminiscent of 90s survival horror games like Alone in the Dark (and of course, Resident Evil), Sagebrush puts you in the seemingly deserted Perfect Heaven compound where the Perfect Heaven cult mass suicide occurred. You’ll explore the compound the members left behind, narrated by a young woman remembering her experience. All the while, you’ll be checking out clues left behind by the members to discover what really happened.

The game is a short 1-2 hour experience, but judging from the trailer, looks to be quite an unnerving one. Check out the game’s Steam page for more info, or visit Redact Games’ official site.

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