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‘Death Stranding’ Release Date Leaked by Walmart?



With the 2018 Game Awards happening December 6th, one of the big questions for Death Stranding fans is just when we’re going to get that release date. Kojima’s BFF (and producer of The Game Awards) Geoff Keighley has teased over the past months that we might be getting that answer at the event (possibly even a little something for Alien fans). However, leave it to my country’s branch of Walmart to potentially spoil that.

In a tweet saying stating that there will be “a LOT of games” that are being kept hush-hush until the event, one fan decided to ask about a certain listing that Walmart Canada has on their website:

In case the tweet is pulled down, the fan screengrabbed a pre-order listing for Death Stranding, with a release date of June 30th, 2019. In response, Walmart Canada, seemingly confirmed the truth to this listing.

This could also all be a giant prank, since Geoff was poking fun at Walmart in his tweet, and Walmart Canada has “accidentally” leaked unannounced release dates in the past for games such as RAGE 2. The only real answer to this would be to tune in and see if a release date is announced for Death Stranding, and it is that June 30th release date.

Props to RelyOnHorror for noticing this one.

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