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Lovecraftian Mod For ‘Amnesia’ Tones Down Scares, Focuses on Storytelling



A mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent that eliminates all of the scares? Seems to kind of defeat the purpose, but that’s what The Shadow of the Ramlord does. The mod by Dark Craft Studios (which you can snag here) is an hour-long Lovecraftian adventure built using assets from The Dark Descent and its sequel, A Machine for Pigs. Instead of going the route of cosmic horror, the mod takes the light route on scares, and instead focuses on environmental storytelling, atmosphere and necromancy.

According to the mod’s description, The Shadow of the Ramlord is intended for those who prefer “a deliberate pace, absorbing the narrative and level design clues, and feeling immersed in a story-first experience.” In fact those who enjoyed the approach taken in A Machine for Pigs or SOMA will probably appreciate this mod the most.

The story for the mod focuses on the Baron of Caecea Manor, who wants to summon a “malignant being” known as the Ramlord. His wife, who is being held prisoner, has smuggled a letter out of the manor, asking for help. Lucky for you, the letter has ended up in your hands, and it’s now up to you to investigate. “The three characters’ fates are woven together in an intricate, disquieting narrative through the occult, madness, and despair.”

This is actually the third part of a trilogy of Lovecraftian mods by Dark Craft Studios. The previous two mods were for Crysis, which if you’re interested in checking those out, you can head over to the company’s ModDB page.

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