Find Me A Funnier, More Badass Cover Of "Ace Of Spades", I Dare You - Bloody Disgusting
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Find Me A Funnier, More Badass Cover Of “Ace Of Spades”, I Dare You



Acoustic percussive guitarist Sam Westphalen is back with another fantastic acoustic guitar cover, this time of Motorhead‘s classic balls-to-the-wall rocker “Ace Of Spades”. As usual, Westphalen knocks it out of the park.

However, what’s great about this one is that it opens up with Westphalen showing a short series of YouTube comments that suggest he put heavy duty tape over his mouth, which he then proceeds to do. Best part? Even with the tape over his mouth he hums all the “words”, which is basically a great “f*ck you” to the detractors.

Yeah, he may make some silly faces and sing in a rather interesting manner but the guy clearly loves every second of what he does and his excitement and passion are nothing short of infectious. Plus, he’s a badass at what he does. You can’t beat that.


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