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Kill of the Week: Bigfoot Bites Face in ‘Abominable’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

Countless horror movies about Bigfoot have been released over the years, from 1972’s The Legend of Boggy Creek to more recent films like Exists. Unfortunately, there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over the whole damn sub-genre, as most of those Bigfoot horror movies just aren’t worth your time.

My personal favorite? That’d be Ryan Schifrin’s Abominable, released in 2006. The film centers on Preston Rogers (Matt McCoy), a paraplegic man who can only watch helplessly as Bigfoot brutally devours a group of young co-ends in the remote forest community he’s escaped to.

So it’s basically Rear Window… with a big, nasty ass Sasquatch in the mix.

It’s interesting that Schifrin’s Abominable was released the same year as Adam Green’s Hatchet, because both films are driven by the same sense of over the top, throwback fun. Both films are also loaded with insanely gruesome bits of practical effects carnage, carried out by cool-looking monsters that hearken back to the ’80s.

In Abominable‘s most memorable moment of bloodshed, the angry Bigfoot unleashes the full fury of his bite on a man who’s just buried an ax in his back and called him an “ass monkey.” He lifts the man off the ground and bites directly into his face, chomping down on his skull like you or I would chomp down on an apple.

Let this be a lesson. If you ever see Bigfoot, don’t call him an ass monkey.