Intense and Breathtaking "Alien: Special Order" Fan Film Used Valve Software to Animate! - Bloody Disgusting
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Intense and Breathtaking “Alien: Special Order” Fan Film Used Valve Software to Animate!



We’ve hit the point where anyone with a little bit of cash and a whole lot of time can be a filmmaker. It’s exciting because it’s no longer an elite club of filmmakers, and the kid next door could become the next big name in Hollywood. Technology has allowed us to expand our creative boundaries, expressing vision in new kinds of formats. Take this fan-made short film, which used Source Filmmaker to pull from assets from “Alien: Isolation” and other games.

“Alien: Special Order” is French filmmaker Louis Thomann‘s love letter to the Alien films, which took two years to assemble. The premise is simple: “Bring back life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.” The impact: beyond unprecedented. Mixing elements of found footage, “Alien: Special Order” is breathtaking, shocking, violent, intense, and nothing short of spectacular.

“This is a fan film based on the Alien movies that I started to develop almost two years ago all alone, and was created on spare time only,” said Thomann. “Without any budget, shot the film in real conditions was something that would be impossible to achieve regarding the need of the scenery that took place in Alien, and so, I’ve decided to develop it through the Source Filmmaker, a video game engine created by Valve Software, that allowed me to create an animation film in real time.”

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