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[Kill of the Week] Cell Phone Shoved Down the Throat in ‘See No Evil’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

If you ask any given fan to list off his/her favorite horror movie from ’06, Slither, The Hills Have Eyes and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon would probably come up in that particular conversation. One that likely wouldn’t, despite being a whole lot of fun, is See No Evil, which starred WWE superstar Kane as a new slasher villain.

Sure, Jacob Goodnight isn’t as fondly remembered as his 2006 slasher icon counterparts Leslie Vernon and Victor Crowley, but the character did prove to at least be enough of a hit with horror fans that a sequel, the Soska sisters-directed See No Evil 2, came along in 2014. And Kane, well, he was a brilliant choice to play a creepy monster of a man.

After all, Glen Jacobs has made a career out of playing precisely that.

The MTV-style hyper-editing of See No Evil is definitely a turn off (it was all the rage back then, thanks in no small part to the Saw franchise), but it’s a pretty damn enjoyable slasher flick with some cool kills throughout. One of the most memorable kills isn’t exactly gory, but goddamn is it nasty – and pretty unique in the world of slasher cinema.

At one point in the film, Kane’s Goodnight catches an unlucky blonde, whose cellphone starts ringing. Rather than answer it, Goodnight shoves it down her throat.

The sound design, plus a shot of the phone protruding from her throat, sell this one.


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