'Deadwax' Finds a Haunted Vinyl, Hears Death [Trailer] - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Deadwax’ Finds a Haunted Vinyl, Hears Death [Trailer]



Shudder has revealed that Graham Reznick‘s Deadwax will World Premiere at the Fantastic Fest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

In the series, which will premiere in full, “A young woman (Hannah Gross) is pulled into a murder investigation revolving around a curious vinyl record which has driven those who possess it mad, and killed anyone who dared to listen to it.

Reznick is the sound designer on several past features like Stakeland, The House of the Devil and The Sacrament. The Fantastic Fest write-up explains that the film takes its cues from the urban legends of backmasking (hidden messages in vinyl records that can be discovered when played backwards) and goes one step further: What if the vinyl itself could cause harm just by putting the needle to the groove?

Sound up. Headphones on. Hear death.

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