Yes, That Really is Peter Weller in Those KFC 'RoboCop' Commercials - Bloody Disgusting
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Yes, That Really is Peter Weller in Those KFC ‘RoboCop’ Commercials



Yesterday, your social media feeds were probably dominated by people talking about KFC’s bizarre “Colonel RoboCop” advertisements, a new series of commercials that use the crime-fighting pop culture icon as the fast food chain’s latest mascot. The idea is that KFC has enlisted the help of RoboCop to protect their Secret Recipe, and not everyone is a fan.

As many noticed, “Colonel RoboCop” sure seemed to have been voiced by Peter Weller himself, who of course played the character in the original franchise. And indeed, Slash Film has confirmed that yes, that is Weller’s voice you’re hearing! Weller reprised the role for the commercials, and it’s *possible* that’s even Weller inside the iconic suit.

We have no comment on that,” Weller’s agent told the site, when they asked if the actor was physically on set and inside the RoboCop suit. So yeah. We’ll pretend it’s him.

Recently, Neill Blomkamp had noted that he wants to bring Weller back for the RoboCop sequel he’s currently working on, and if he came back for KFC, well, there’s hope for that!

In case you missed them, you can watch the “Colonel RoboCop” commercials below.

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