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Album Review: Attackhead ‘Voices In The Dark’

Around since 2002, Attackhead unashamedly sound like they’re from the 80’s. They’ve got that trashy thrash metal approach that was all the rage back then. And let’s be honest, some of the greatest metal albums came out during that decade. So how does Attackhead hold up with the 80’s thrash metal approach in mind? Find out after the jump.


The album starts with an intro that segues into the title track. The first thing I noticed was the tone of the instruments and my heart sank. Was this the sound I was expected to listen to for an entire album? The answer to that question, my dear reader, is yes. The guitars sound trashy and really unpleasant. The pick attack sounds more like scratching rather than riffing and the higher registers have a really piercing frequency thing going on. The bass is very poorly mixed, sometimes popping in and out from behind the guitars, but never in a predictable manner. The drums sound fine but aren’t mixed that well and the drums sometimes go off rhythm. Lastly, the singer pretty much barks out the lyrics throughout the entire album, making understanding the lyrics somewhat of a chore (except for when he slows down and allows himself time to breathe). 
There’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation and love of a particular style of music. However, the best thing that one can do is try and take what it was that they loved and build upon it. In this case, ‘Voices In The Dark’ doesn’t build anything new. Rather, Attackhead decided to make an album that is just one fast thrash song after another. The lack of any kind of diversity, even having a slower tempo song, makes this album difficult to get through. However, you pick ONE Attackhead song and you can pretty much say you’ve heard them all.
The Final Word: ‘Voices In The Dark’ is like listening to an album that hasn’t aged well: only it’s brand new. The tones of the instruments are unpleasant to hear and there is nothing that the album offers to add to the genre. And let’s be honest, it’s been over 20 years since the 80’s ended, so it’s a bit late to try to add something fresh to that era. 



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