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What Are Your Favorite Horror Movie Trailers?

The Strangers Trailer

Remember when you used to have  to wait until you were in a movie theater to see a trailer for a movie? You never used to be able to jump on YouTube to show your friends a trailer for a movie you wanted to see. No, you had to go to a movie theater and hope to God it showed before the movie. It was a different time then, and trailers have lost some of their luster. I thought it might be fun to show you some of my favorite trailers from growing up. A word of warning to you: the oldest film on this list is from 1995 (so some of them actually were available on YouTube when they were released). This is really only because I don’t think older trailers are that great because they reveal a lot of the movie (just see the original Friday the 13th trailer), not unlike some trailers are starting to do now. Don’t worry though, I was kind enough to leave off any trailers featuring Christopher Nolan’s infamous bass drone.

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