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Pet Peeve: Movie Trailers That Contain Major Spoilers

Trailer Spoilers

Movie trailers are amazing. Other than a poster, a movie trailer is the only visual we have of a film before it is released to the public. What I believe a movie trailer should do is show us glimpses of a film that give us a general idea of the plot and show us enough to get us interested. Unfortunately, it seems to take a lot more to get people to the theaters nowadays, so studios (or whoever cuts movie trailers) have resorted to show major spoilers in the trailers they release. From showing main character deaths to showing the actual final shot of the film, it’s almost become dangerous to watch a movie trailer before you see the movie itself (don’t even get me started on Red Band trailers). Let’s look at some trailers that are the biggest offenders. ***WARNING: SPOILERS WILL BE DISCUSSED BELOW***

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