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5 Things We Want Added to “Friday the 13th: The Game”

We may not be getting a new Friday the 13th movie this year or anytime soon – if EVER, depending on how those pressing legal issues play out – but I’m suddenly not all that sad about that in the wake of the long-awaited Friday the 13th: The Game finally being unleashed just a few weeks back.

Honestly, it’s more of a treat than a handful of new movies would probably be.

I spent nearly the entirety of last weekend playing with friends on Playstation 4, and now that I’ve logged more hours that I should probably admit, I feel pretty comfortable saying that Friday the 13th: The Game has wildly exceeded even the high expectations I had built up for it over the years. To finally be able to play as Jason Voorhees, stalking camp counselors around the iconic locales from the films, is nothing short of a lifelong fantasy come true, and I’ve found it maybe, even more, fun to play as counselors fighting for survival while the masked maniac hunts me down.

Clearly made by hardcore fans, the attention to even the tiniest details is jaw-dropping (Jason, for example, can only run when you’re playing as a version of him that ran in the movies), and I just can’t possibly say enough good things about how lovingly the franchise was brought into the gaming world for its first video game since that goofy NES abomination from the ’80s. Say what you want about the gameplay issues that plagued the first week or so of release, but those are all being worked out so rapidly that the game is literally getting smoother by the day.

Speaking of which, Friday the 13th: The Game is sure to evolve in the weeks, months and maybe even years to come, getting bigger and better with DLC content that will very likely make what we’ve got now seem like it wasn’t much to be so overjoyed about. But what specifically would we like to see added to the game in the future? I’ve got 5 big requests, most of which I’m willing to bet will eventually come to fruition…


From what we’ve heard, a single-player mode is soon coming to Friday the 13th: The Game, which will be nice because we’ll no longer have to wait on friends and/or strangers when wanting to plop down on the couch to play – even simple bots would go a long way in making private multi-player matches a whole lot more fun, while also cutting down wait times for public games. Going one step further, I’d love for a full-on story mode to be added to the game (which for now has a very simple “survive or kill” set-up), allowing you to recreate key moments from the Friday the 13th films as you play.

How cool would it be, for example, to play a mini-game that sees you chain Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake as Tommy Jarvis? Or how about one that makes you chase Jason down to the Higgins Haven barn and stick an axe in his head, ala the final act of Part 3? There are countless memorable moments from the films to pull from (as seen above, you can already recreate the epic sleeping bag kill!), and it would be so much fun playing an active part in those moments, with cut-scenes bringing them to life when set tasks are successfully completed.

Story mode, from what I understand, is indeed a future priority.


Aside from story mode, my #1 request for Friday the 13th: The Game is a Manhattan map… for obvious reasons. One of the downsides of the game right now is that there are only three maps to choose from – Crystal Lake, Packanack Lodge and Higgins Haven – which can get a little bit repetitive. In order to spice things up going forward, a map that lets you roam around Manhattan would be huge – not to mention, it would finally scratch the itch that Jason Takes Manhattan left us with so many years ago.

We may not ever see the Jason Takes Manhattan film we truly wanted back in 1989 but being able to PLAY that movie would be a massive apology that would finally right one of horror’s all-time saddest wrongs. It kinda needs to happen, don’t you think?!

Jason X Defense


At the time of writing this article, Friday the 13th: The Game allows to play as seven different versions of Jason – Part 2, Part 3, Jason Lives, The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell and, if you were able to snag it during the pre-order phase, Tom Savini’s brand new “Hell Jason.” We can only assume that the other Jasons will eventually be added as playable characters (NES, perhaps?!), but the one we want most is Uber Jason, of course from the futuristic Jason X.

The addition of Uber Jason has been rumored for quite some time now – Uber-Jason was, it’s worth noting, one of the most-requested skins in a poll held on the game’s website – and I just can’t help but think how much fun it’d be to see that bizarre version of Jason in Earthbound locales like Crystal Lake and Higgins Havens.

Of course, a Jason X map would also be awesome…


Other than Jason, the only character from the Friday the 13th films in the game is Tommy Jarvis, voiced by Thom Mathews and based on the character’s appearance in Jason Lives – you can play as Tommy, though he can’t be chosen from the character selection screen. All of the other characters are generic archetypes ripped from the slasher handbook, but my hope is that other fan-favorite characters from the movies will soon be added to the mix.

Personal requests? Alice from Part 1, Ginny from Part 2, Shelly from Part 3, Demon from A New Beginning, and Tina from The New Blood. Tina could come equipped with special powers that rival Jason’s, which would make playing as her extra fun – the existing characters in the game right now have no special powers, while Jason, true to the films, has special skills that allow him to detect where counselors are on the map and even teleport from location to location with the press of a button… he seemed to do much the same thing in the movies, after all!


Even if every Jason and all of our favorite movie characters are available in Friday the 13th: The Game, it would still be extra special if we could create our own characters to bring into the mix. Most games of this sort have create-a-character modes, which in the case of this particular game would allow us to live out a dream we probably all share: actually being in a Friday the 13th movie!

Personally speaking, the character of Kenny Riedell (above) already looks enough like me that playing as him feels like I’m playing as, well, myself, but how cool would it be if we could actually custom-make video game versions of ourselves to do battle with Jason? Certainly not a necessity, but a fun addition that would keep the game feeling fresh and exciting for a long time to come.

What would YOU like to see added to Friday the 13th: The Game?



  • WOLF

    Things like Alice’s raincoat or Ralph’s bike shows how much care they put into this game.
    I think a traditional story mode would be too difficult to add to this current build of the game. I think it would be easier to add stages that represent scenes from the movies (like you mentioned above, Tommy running around to get the things he needs to chain Jason to the bottom of the lake while avoiding Jason).
    I definitely want them to continue adding maps in the series order. We should see Tommy’s house and the party house from 4 next.
    We need Pamela.
    I think they need to add more ways to escape (for example instead of a car on a map, sometimes you have to find parts to Jr’s motorcycle).
    And please add rain!!! Storms were a big part of most of the films.

    • John Squires

      More ways to escape… good call. Would love to see that. Also love the idea of being able to add weather to the maps. Have always wanted to see Jason in a snowy environment!

      • I’ve heard that concept many times, but aren’t most camps closed in the winter?

        • Tommy Brownell

          Then they just become kids trespassing to drink and have sex.

          Still works.

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    Ted White Ted White Ted White Ted White Ted White Ted White

  • AJ

    If they start introducing Final Girls (especially Tina) as DLCs, I should basically set my direct deposit to go to Gun Media.

    • John Squires


    • The Drucifer

      They’ve mixed Tina completely saying she’s too powerful my bet is on Creighton Duke.

  • Rohan

    Pamela and Elias Voorhees would be sick. Maybe Roy too.

  • Melissa Sharp

    I just started playing this game and royal suck at it so far. Even being Jason! though I have only been Jason 3 times. One of the times was vs one person. I love the game and it’s addicting but there is an issue with newbies getting in a game with those who have been playing it for awhile. Where Newbies get destroyed quickly. Sometimes I want to just be paired with people on my level or at least bots and then at other times I dont’ mind being paired with ones who have been playing it for a long time. There is also a seperate issue with friends playing and ganging up on people. Helping Jason and counslers killing each other. I have had that happen more than once. Though, I have a couple times ended up just killing the counsler trying to kill me. I have a love hate relationship. One time it was really bad though. It was a group of 9 and 5 of the nine were friends and the other 4 were strangers. Us 4 got taken out quickly because of the helping of Jason and the friends killing strangers. Then they played the game by themselves.

    I think once I get better at the game then all of this above won’t bother me as much but most of the time these people have been playing for a while and are really level upped.

  • iM Vuze

    The game doesn’t even work and you want them to add content? Lmao alrighty then.

    • John Squires

      Been playing for a couple weeks now, have had ZERO issues with it.

      • iM Vuze

        Game constantly crashes on Xbox even after the patch they added yesterday.

        • Home Alone

          I got it on PS4. The only issue I have is sometimes after viewing my map my character hesitates for a second before I can move again but other than that the game fun as hell

          • Chip Draper

            Your issue isn’t the Game it’s that you bought an xbox.

          • iM Vuze

            Wow how insightful. I should buy from the company that lost their customer’s credit card information twice you are so right!

        • Sounds like an issue on your end, I’ve only had a couple of issues playing it this last week.

          • iM Vuze

            I’m not the only one. Nice try though.

    • Bradyn Parmelly

      Sure, the game is glitchy on Xbox, and I made the same mistake for buying it for it. If you play for a while, you get used to the glitches and bugs, and plus, they’re not even major. Not every game is crafted perfectly.

      • iM Vuze

        I shouldn’t have to get used to bugs and glitches after the third week. Even after two patches the game STILL crashes after 3 or 4 matches. If I spend 40 dollars on a game I expect it to work.

        • Damian Crawford

          Well think about this, all games have glitches, and this is a small (ish) company that has made the game, so of course it is going to have some bugs, glitches, unfair moments, but the game will be updated, it will get better, just got to wait.

          • iM Vuze

            It should not still be crashing after the 3rd week. After two patches the game still crashes. How is that okay?

  • Buk Lau

    That cocktease image. Still waiting for 8bit.

  • Theron

    In regards to a Manhattan map, honestly I don’t even need it to include most of New York. If they could have the map includes the docks, the rooftop where Julius was killed, and the sewers, that would be more than enough to suffice for a Manhattan map

  • I agree with this for this most part. Definitely need a story mode. Manhattan is a bit of a stretch. Jason movies are known to Camp Crystal Lake and a map of Manhattan would be gigantic. It’s just one movie.

  • CeeZeeWeeZee

    Instead of Manhattan, I’d rather they used The Lazarus (the ship from the film) instead.

  • Frank Popp Jr.

    its s pretty fun game, and I agree with this article. I can;t wait to see what extra they come up with.

  • See you really missing the point here buddy, the only thing this game needs is lawn darts.

    • Buk Lau

      Everything needs lawn darts.

  • switch

    i want to see more ways to kill jason like in the movies big rock chain on a boat ect and since 4 seat 2 seat cars 2 person boat add a 1 person exit so that if your the only one alive you dont have to try and find all the parts that no one found or used to get out like have a motorcyle or hell there is already a bike leaning up agaist a building on one map make it useable and best idea i think yet instead of having everyone playing same toon aka aj and hiding for 20mins make it random each person get a random councler and no repeats so u have to learn to play as all them and work together based on who u get

  • Jonny Folk Horror

    Had this for over a week now and have still been unable to connect to a game session. Also feeling a little apprehensive about being thrown in at the deep end with players who have more experience.
    If anyone wants to invite a totally random stranger to one of their sessions, add me !! Gamer tag is sinisternoise71

    • TheHitchhikingGhost

      Jump on a Friday the 13th: The Game twitter string and throw your gamer tag out. You’ll be invited within seconds.

      • Jonny Folk Horror

        Thanks, I’ll do that.

    • Buk Lau

      From what I’ve seen even players with more experience aren’t that great either. Nobody seems to be playing hardcore to win, they’re playing to have fun. I’m sure you’ll be fine if you just jump in. Hope you find a game and get to have fun.

      • Jonny Folk Horror

        Thanks a lot.

    • Curt Rogers

      What system? Anyone on Xbox: I made a club called “Camp NoBeBoSco,” and we’re always looking for players.

  • I would add this suggestion to he list – kill count, 2 player game setup where you as Jason vs a friend as Jason to see who can rack up the most kills before the day ends.

  • sblast13

    I’d like to see Creighton Duke from JGTH as a playable character seeing as he was supposedly this bounty hunter who was after Jason and knew a ton about him. Get Steven Williams back to voice him and Creighton Duke can team up with Tommy Jarvis to take down Jason. And if Jason does the bearhug death on him, maybe he could say “Tonight my friend you will die!” and proceed to spit blood on his mask.

  • Judge Satchmo

    “To finally be able to play as Jason Voorhees, stalking camp counselors around the iconic locales from the films, is nothing short of a lifelong fantasy come true”

    So if John invites you camping, say no.

  • AphroditeBoy

    Some of these were stretch goals that weren’t ever met. I’d love Tina but I don’t see how they could implement her as a regular character because everyone would choose her and it would make it imbalanced in the opposite direction that it already is. They would probably have her as a Tommy Jarvis type limited use character.

    • John Squires

      Would be cool if each match, one player is randomly chosen to be Tina. That’s what I’m thinking. She’d be the “Jason” of the counselors.

  • Ocelot006 .

    I’d like a map of the town of Crystal Lake. Go in the diner and shove somone’s face in the fryer. Who’s down?

  • The Blogger

    1 v 1 jason on jason. And 7 on 7 counselors Battle royale style lol

  • American Atheist

    Freddy Kruger.

  • My request is Add Freddy Krueger as a playable character.

  • Snake

    I hope they add NES Jason with his blue mask and purple outfit!

  • This game is the Pokemon Go of 2017, I mean is very repetitive but so addictive, I bought yesterday and I can’t stop playing.
    However Friday the 13th needs more multiplayer modes, different playable characters (Freddy Krueger would be perfect) and a story mode.

    Btw, add me on Playstation Network: pedrojamess

    • Rob Taylor

      Freddy would be a different game entirely… more random maps, more bizzare kills. Would be a waste to just do a character.

  • Curt Rogers

    Funny that you mention Shelley. Larry Zerner plays this game on Xbox. My friend, as Jason, killed him in the barn at Higgin’s Haven.

  • What I think would be most beneficial is better mechanics with doors and getting around environments. There’s a lot of staggering or jittery responses. Doors are so weird that you may as well launch yourself through every available window rather than deal with a door unless already inside and locking it.

  • Louis Salway

    Kay-em 14 and Jason X + Grendel ship map. Kay-em could be the replacement tommy on that map and Jason could start off normal and initiate a mechanic to become uber.

  • MeeGhoulz

    Close up on the death scenes!

  • Chip Draper


  • Travis_Bickle

    As I’ve said before….it took them a year and a half to get the game where it is NOW….it would take another yet to do ANY of the stuff from this list.

    • John Squires

      Totally cool with that. Hope they take as long as they need to take to continue making everything great!

      • Travis_Bickle

        Oh I love the game…don’t get me wrong…but it’s a very buggy game on a super old PC engine. So i’m not expecting any new bells and whistles anytime soon.

    • And we’ll keep playing in the mean time

      • Travis_Bickle

        I will too…but i’m not holding my breath waiting for new skins or maps.

  • Namlived51

    JGtH Jason to be able to possess the body of a killed counselor with no music for stealth kills. You’d have to pay attention to which characters had been killed and it would add suspicion elements. A JTM map could be split, 10 min on the boat w/2seater dingy escape, 10min on land at the pier/bar/alley/rooftop/sewer locals. A Phone is automatically available to call the cops at the bar but the QTE is convincing the cops that it’s not a prank call. I agree with weather changes but rain (heavy lightening!) or even some daytime matches sticking with some of the movie elements.

    • John Squires

      This is the coolest idea ever.

  • Werewolf

    One BIG thing nobody’s touched on: Yes, there are ways in game to kill Jason…

    They should add ways to revive him too. Like say, impaling his body with an iron fence spike during a rain storm. (so yeah add storms too)

    • Argumentative

      Why would the counselers want to revive Jason?

      • Werewolf

        They wouldn’t. That one would have to be Tommy.

  • RKSDooM


    1. Give JASON GOES TO HELL Jason a machete instead of an axe that he never used.

    2. Allow you to play in first person.

    3. Include Part IV Jason (with a Meat Cleaver) and JASON X Jason (with his future machete as a weapon, and have him turn into Uber Jason when he gets rage)

    4. Use the profits from the game to acquire the rights to FREDDY VS. JASON Jason, NES Jason and the 2009 remake Jason. If these likenesses can all be acquired by toy companies, I don’t think it should be outside the realm of possibility. 

    5. Implement a “vote to kick” option.

    6. When one of Jason’s traps go off, have it flash on the minimap (the way it is now, I find it hard to tell, quickly, which of my traps has gone off).

    7. Tommy Jarvis should spawn with a pocket knife and a special shotgun with 2 shots as well as a map and a radio. Right now Tommy’s appearance (“I’m here to save the day with my ONE SHOTGUN SHELL! REJOICE!”) elicits more snickers than relief.

    8. Add weather effects.

    9. Add “Create a Counselor”

    10. Add a bow and arrow.

    11. Make ladders climbable.

    12. Add a Manhattan and a Lazarus map for some variety away from the camp setting.

    13. Do SOMETHING with Jason’s Mask in the game. Like, maybe the counselor that picks it up after it gets knocked off can then choose to drop it when in proximity to Jason, and when they do so Jason must stop everything and retrieve it.

    • Paul Martin

      Jason’s mask does do something. If you have it in your possession it stops Jason from getting a warning message that you’ve entered his shack, making it easier to get Pamela’s sweater.

      • RKSDooM

        No, you’re right – I forgot that it did that, but honestly that is a pretty useless ability.

        There’s no point in going to the shack unless you have Tommy is tow so that you can kill Jason, and if you have Tommy, then there’s no real worry about Jason getting warned

    • Rob Taylor

      If you get the mask and keep it for 10 minutes or escape/kill Jason with it in your posession, you’re guaranteed to be Jason next game…

      • RKSDooM

        Really? I hadn’t heard about that.

  • Fantastika

    Give me story mode but with the option for other people to watch and comment on it.

  • David.

    I like the game a lot and am currently level 30 and yeah its release has been rocky but they’re working on it.

    My biggest issue is greifers and trolls. Either by team killing or leading Jason to other players. I wish there was a way for current players to kick others during play like in Left 4 Dead.

  • Demetra

    The option to kick players from the lobby. Can’t tell you how many times a 10 year old has chased me around with a weapon or shot me for no reason.

    • Melissa Sharp

      Or at least age group lobbies.

  • truthtimenow

    NES Jason’s (1 HD in green and purple / 1 in the same color but 3D pixel art ) Randomly generated Camps, More ways to escape, making battle less clunky, fixing all the glitches, Another Savini skin, A skin design contest from the public, make the counselors look back in horror at Jason as they run, Design your own counselors ( Face / Body / stats ) Design your own Jason ( Choose from skins and perks ) Ability to use more counselor perks. Jason’s mom as another power for Jason to call on, a VW bug, better car handling, Kick player option, weather options (rain/fog) Sunrise when escape countdown is finished, Chainsaw…

  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Dancing with Crispin Glover mini game.

    • RKSDooM

      Your username is freaking amazeballs.

  • Jayden Fenner

    Needs Pamela Voorhees before Freddy Krueger. Pamela started the whole Voorhees tradition, therefore, she comes first. Afterall, it is Friday the 13th not Nightmare on Elm Street just saying.

  • Boxcar Racer

    I always find it funny when Tommy Jarvis shows up to “save the day” but he immediately says “I gotta get outta here!”

    Anyways, I would like more maps and more variety for counselors to trap/block Jason. New characters and new Jason’s is a welcome as well.

    • Melissa Sharp

      LOL! I agree. I thought that was odd when I first was selected to be Tommy.

  • I actually snorted laughing when you requested Demon from A New Beginning. I hope he would hum melodically as he ran around camp.

    • Melissa Sharp

      Demon is one of the best F13th characters ever! LOL. He is short lived but awesome. He should have a port-a-potty super stealth.

  • texassnacks

    I want Uber Jason but I think it would great if you had the normal Jason X for a little while and then morph into Uber Jason during the match either when Rage is initiated or when some kind of task is completed. And Uber Jason just destroys and murders everyone.

    • Gilbert Porter

      Awesome Idea I think when rage is activated

  • Jordan Slater

    Id like to see the freddy vs Jason skin

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    creighton duke skin, instead of tommy.
    random, either one can come in any given match.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Final Chapter Jason. Give him a faster run than parts 2/3 and his weapon should be the ax that part 9 is carrying around.

    8-bit NES Jason. LJN has been defunct for over 20 years. Assuming there’d be no legal issue with putting that likeness in the game?

    Pamela Voorhees. Nuff said. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Roy added.

    Aside from new skins, the thing I really want the most is the game map keeping track of what cabins you’ve been in. Also, a perk or new item that causes your counselor to disappear off other players’ maps. So tired of a counselor in distress running right to me and shitting all over my perfect hiding spot because they don’t know how to deal with being chased, or even more shady, when the Jason player is in cahoots with a counselor player and said counselor is spotting for him in exchange for survival. That needs to go away.

    • Ocelot006 .

      I doubt LJN owns any right to the concept of 8-bit Jason.

  • Gilbert Porter

    I think making the bikes rideable so Jason can closeline you with a bat or something would be cool. Haha all my other ideas have been taken by everyone else

    • John Squires

      For sure, would love more ways to escape and more things to interact with around the maps. A motorcycle would be cool, as would bicycles!

  • Jonathan Larsson

    What I would like:

    1. The boxing kid from Jason Takes Manhattan.

    2. A radio within the game that can play Alice Cooper’s The Man Behind the Mask or Teenage Frankenstein.

    3. The Kandarian dagger from Jason Goes to Hell as an unlockable weapon.

    4. The crazy old man from the first movie reappearing in some form; preferably voiced by Kevin Bacon for the sake of irony.

    5. Tom Savini, Kane Hodder and Sean Cunningham themselves being unlockable characters.

    6. An All-Jason mod.

    • 8-bit Jason

      Fuck yeah! The Man Behind The Mask has to be incorporated somehow in the game. Maybe even have Alice Cooper as an unlockable.

      • Geofree Capodanno

        If you select “Credits” in the main menu, you will hear the entire Man Behind the Mask don’t play over the credits which is cool.

        • 8-bit Jason

          Oh snap, I’ll look into it. Thanks!

    • Ocelot006 .

      I’m just gonna assume it cost more money to have The Man Behind The Mask in game than in does to simply throw it in the credits no one watches. Cheap bastards.

  • 8-bit Jason

    Of course, I’d love to have a NES Jason skin.

    • lgb

      Well you’re gonna be happy with the update they just posted on their twitter.

      • 8-bit Jason

        Well, that made my fuckin’ day! Thanks a bunch!

  • Glenn Wills

    I will settle for the game not continually crashing during play. I’m able to complete maybe 1-3 matches then crash. That’s best case scenario. Last time I was Jason (only second time ever) it crashed less than 2 minutes into the game. This is after the patch to actually login to the game followed by the patch to let you find a match. What a clusterf this games been.

  • Trav

    Man, i would love to try this game out. I need a group of people to play it with though.

    • Melissa Sharp

      I didn’t have any friends on PS4 because I always been a loner gamer but this game is worth it. I have been slowly building friends with it. People with Mics make the game so much more fun but with that said, it’s still fun if you get people helping each other when they don’t have mics. or not using them. You follow each other around and protect each other. I have had a lot of fun not knowing anyone and then making a friend in that room.

      • Trav

        Question: Do they allow you to just join a random group of people in this game? Or assign you to a group? I would love to play this game, but I don’t know if my friends would be interested in playing with me. I’ve heard they are adding a story mode, but I honestly don’t want to wait lol.

        • You can join random games that are open to 8 random players

        • lgb

          You can join general quick matches, though sometimes those take a bit, or you can just go to Look For Games on the consoles and there’ll be a ton there, I think there’s a similar thing on steam but yeah, you can join random groups and jump in.

        • Melissa Sharp

          HA! You just hit quick play and you get put in a random lobby with others. Sometimes you get into an empty lobby and you if you wait others will start showing up (sometimes it can take awhile) but you will be the host of the game. You can also just back out and keep trying until you get into a lobby with others which is what I usually do. If you do get then add me. IlsaMarx. I’ll play with you… 😀

          • Trav

            Thanks for the info! I plan on getting it really soon! Although for the first few rounds I might not be very good while I get used to the game play, and I’ve heard playing as the counselors is quite difficult (which I don’t mind, because that’s the way it is supposed to be).

          • Melissa Sharp

            HA! No one is good at it at first but you can catch on fairly quickly and everyone dies all the time. It’s actually part of the fun and then spectating and watching what others do. Plus, even if you don’t have a mic or others don’t have a mic with you then you can follow other players in the game. Most are friendly people playing.

          • Trav

            Just thought I’d give a quick update: I got the game, and I’ve only played 2 matches so far. 2nd match I was Jason. Only got one counselor out of six. I guess I need practice? Lol.

  • Schwifty

    Unlockable 8-bit NES version and/or unlockable 8-bit NES mode that allows you to play the normal game with the Nintendo-style 8-bit graphics and an NES Jason. Plus, wolves and crows!

  • Rob Taylor

    Anyone else think this model of game could be awesome for a Predator game too? Instead of councillers it’s the Arnie team or cops from P2… Each character has different skills, like Blaine has the minigun, Mac can set traps, Dutch can fight the predator unarmed and Anna gets a bonus of knowing the area etc…

    • Kristoffer Groves


  • Jeremiah Tbone Lohf

    Along with uber j ason, add a Jason x map with one of the marines or km14 as a hero character

  • Cynthia Celeste Miller

    Creighton Duke. That is all.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      Creighton Duke, Kay Em, and Brodski

      • Kaijudude

        ^ boom.

  • Xavier

    Definitely at least one person per session with TK powers, since it’s movie cannon.

  • Shawn

    I want better animations. The ones in the game look like bug-infested approvals.

  • I want a boat map from Manhattan, it seems a little more realistic than a city setting

  • Corpsiemcgibb

    I would love to see a Jason VS Freddy killer take all match.
    14 “Campers” Jason and Freddy have to fight over to see who has the higher kill count.

    • Melissa Sharp

      Victor Crowley from Hatchet would be awesome. Him and Jason toe to toe.

  • Kaijudude

    I agree that J-X would be a fun addition , as well as Tina. KM would probably be a good fit for a Grendel map. Other than that not many characters have special abilities. And as much as i hate to admit it , i highly doubt we’ll ever see Freddy in there , i hope i’m wrong , but probably not.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Jason Takes Manhattan is easily my favorite of the series. Not sure why it was a letdown.

  • Roman

    I do like the recommendations…..but with the game’s budget, it may be very hard to get the actors/actresses from any of the other films.

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