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Even With Promise of a Shocker, “The Walking Dead” Finale Ratings Hit Concerning Low

The show is still posting monster numbers, but AMC is surely getting worried.

One of the big stories surrounding “The Walking Dead” this season has been the show’s ratings, which have dropped significantly from previous seasons. Despite the series jumping headfirst into the hugely popular, hotly anticipated “all-out war” storyline from Robert Kirkman’s comic books, expected to be the most must-watch era for the show, viewers have been tuning out in concerning numbers during Season 8, which pulled in 11.44 million viewers for its premiere and subsequently dropped to as low as 7.47 million.

Mind you, those are still crazy good numbers for any show, but when the numbers for the previous season were in the 10.16 – 17.03 range, well, that’s not exactly great news.

This past Sunday night’s mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” averaged a 3.4 rating in adults 18-49 and grabbed 7.9 million viewers, giving Season 8 the lowest rated mid-season finale since the second season‘s had a 3.5 rating and 6.6 million viewers.

Especially worrying considering AMC promised a shock during this past Sunday night’s episode – Carl was bitten by a walker, it turned out – that we’d all be talking about.

To give some greater context to Season 8 at large, the season has averaged 8.7 million viewers per episode, while Season 7 averaged a whopping 12.1 million per episode.

What’s the problem here? As we already touched upon in the recent past, “The Walking Dead” hasn’t exactly been must-watch television this season, giving us eight episodes that haven’t really done much justice to the all-out war storyline. Aside from the Carl reveal this past Sunday night, not all that much has really happened throughout the course of Season 8, so it’s not surprising that many viewers have been tuning out. Even with the promise of a mid-season shocker, many still weren’t compelled to tune back in this past Sunday night, suggesting they just plain don’t care anymore. And I hate to say this, but I can’t blame them.

I’ve been a supporter and defender of “The Walking Dead” since the very beginning, which has always kept my interest despite losing so many of my friends. But even I have found myself bored with Season 8 – a season that has mostly gone through the motions and told us stories that we’ve already been told before. Whereas the show once felt like must-watch TV, it’s recently begun to feel like you can skip a large block of episodes and really miss nothing at all, which is unquestionably a huge red flag about the show’s future.

Eight seasons deep, has “The Walking Dead” overstayed its welcome? Has the show become a victim of its own massive success, causing it to be dragged out beyond its years?

The more important question, I suppose: Can AMC find a way to inject fresh new life into their most successful show, winning back viewers and turning those ratings around?

Personally, I remain hopeful. And I remain a viewer and a fan.



  • Master99

    A long boring episode with a shocking moment thrown in within the last 30 seconds of the episode. I still watch the show, but I have been changing channels for large chunks of time during each episode now…. and as long as you tune in on the last 5 minutes, you don’t miss anything. They have run out of ideas and are just trying to stretch things out and keep bringing in that money as long as possible.

    They need to bring it to an end, but not have a final season with 13 filler episodes and only a couple episodes with substance. The fans have spent lots of money and countless hours watching the show, and they deserve to have one last good season to wrap things up, before they all stop watching all together or the show gets cancelled because it cost way more to make than its bringing in.

    • Dan

      The cash cow will not end anytime soon……

    • zombie84_41

      LOL it wasn’t even shocking though I saw that shit from a mile.

      • Master99

        I agree, I should have put quotations around shocking moment. The point is they hyped it up, and then made you sit through an hour and a half just to give you 30 seconds of a “shocking moment”. Kind of like making you wait a whole season for something only to cut it off and leave you with a cliff hanger.

        • zombie84_41

          Thats ok. You know what will be shocking when he turns and bites Michone

      • Anthony Gulino

        not only not shocking but its a off screen bite, you dont even see it…so far out of the shows entire history Carl is i believe the first major character to be killed off screen, yes i understand he’s not dead yet and they will probably get back to it on the next episode in a flashback or something, but thats lame as f*ck !!!

        • zombie84_41

          I’m going to prob just give the fuck up on this show lol.

  • Iosh Evens

    Meh, the show was never that great to begin with.

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      I disagree, the first season was fantastic if short, and clearly firing a brilliant filmmaker like Frank Darabont from his showrunner job was a fatal mistake.

      • J Jett

        Johnny, i agree 100000%. season 1 was one of the greatest seasons of a show/horror show ever. it’s the only season i have ever gone back and rewatched.

  • Baron von Marshmallow

    It’s fucked up season for sure. Main characters, those who were once patient and somewhat smart about their actions, behave like assholes. Everybody except Rick is doing everything else except following their plan, causing complications that are used as a poor crutch to make the story “interesting”. Negan is the only character whose actions I understand and I’m a big fan of his character, but our dumb heroes drag his storyline down. SPOILERS —- Carl gets bitten in a fight with like 4 walkers after several seasons where he’s basically Rambo in a sheriff’s hat. Rick gets betrayed by the Garbage Pail Kids five times in a row, yet he keeps begging them for help. Aaron and Enid decide to go on their own, not telling anyone about what they’re going to do, and in the process they possibly ruin their relationship with another survivor group. Ezekiel is shifting from a coward to a hero like day and night. Daryl & The Band of Misfits do everything they can to go against rational thinking. Morgan teleports from place to place without an explanation. I could go on forever. I was a huge fan since season one but the last two seasons have become painfully stupid parodies of zombie genre… and yet I don’t smile.

    • Dan

      You summed things up pretty well right there, could not agree more.

    • MySelfDestruct

      This was a surprisingly spot on observation of this season.

    • Anthony Gulino

      when i hear that “and yet i smile’ shit.. its almost embarrassing, who wrote that shit and the poor actor that has to deliver it and all the actors who have to respond in kind.. That was some of the worst shit with King Ezekial.. I dont hate the guy just he is one of the most poorly written characters on the show

  • Hank_Scorpio

    It’s the same old story. Our group gets a couple of small wins, then the saviors come out on top again and we have to watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Fonzie routine.

    This is like the 4th time they’ve done this, and not even a zombie bite on Coral can mask it.

    I’m about done with this show….

  • I think there have been a couple of problems this season starting with overhype of the “crazy” fast pace this season was supposed to have. After being hyped that it was going to be “All Out War” there has been almost no war at all through the first half of the season. The disjointed jump around timeline hasn’t helped any either. TWD has been “must-see TV” in the past because of the show’s penchant for killing off characters we love. Many have died this season but no one that anyone really cared about. The mid-season finale was a chance for the show to make us have a little skin in the game but again didn’t deliver on the hype. I think we’ve all come to love Carl but that was not some huge “shocker” to make fans eager for the next half of the season. I’m a fan, I watch every week but this season has been lackluster and for the first time not all that well written most of the time. I haven’t felt there was any real danger where in the past the writing was so good the tension felt real, this season it has not. If that doesn’t change in the 2nd half of this season I think more fans will tune out next season.

    • zombie84_41

      But they always hype up every season thats why I don’t bother listening and getting excited anymore at least when you hear people hype up game of thrones and watch it you feel happy and thrilled.

      • I don’t pay much attention to the hype bc I watch anyway but they really pumped the “all out war” theme then failed to deliver. As for GoT I don’t need any hype there either, with only 10 episodes there’s no time to waste an episode. I wish TWD would utilize a format like that, it’d be a better show for it.

        • zombie84_41

          It used to be. When it first started it was 6 then they did 12. then they jhst started getting out of hand. Maybe they need to start doing 10. Something needs to happen to make this show worthwhile again

  • Dan

    It is as if this season never happened, we are back to where we were in the 1st episode of season 8. The trash people are ridiculous & I’m completely over Eugene talking in riddles. Who does that? I’m still an avid fan, but this writing is ridiculous.

    • zombie84_41

      I try to be a fan I’ll always watch no matter how much I say the show is shit. I’m just pissed over the stupid ass writing. Nothing makes sense at all.

    • Jeff

      I was a big fan that often stuck up for the show even when it got ridiculous/manipulative but I’m out now.

      • Anthony Gulino

        Jeff, ive read every line on this thread, your out but your gonna tune in..Im pretty sure you will

  • Hank_Scorpio

    Also, if I were Rick, I’d ask Negan for a time out. I’d then gather my people and kill every single one of the junk yard retards. A more annoying and stupid element to the show escapes me….

  • John Petty

    This is a show that doesn’t go anywhere. There’s no end game, there’s no anticipated climax, nothing. It’s just the same thing over and over and over again: walkers kill survivors, survivors kill walkers, survivors kill each other. Bleh.We’ve seen it all before. What used to be a compelling show is now just boring. I left last season, and I’ve never looked back.

  • zombie84_41

    Yayyyyy will AMC canned it… NOPE! Fire these writers after this season and get some fresh writers. Also can we get rid of these show runners too because clearly they are fuckin morons.

  • jasonlives1986

    Besides the fact that quality has been an issue for a LONG time on the show, it was that season ending cliff hanger on who negan was gonna no that did them in.

    Everyone knew who he was gonna kill and waited for it all season and they go and pull a stunt that made fans wait 7 months for it.

    They never recovered all their fans AFTER the following seasons premiere. They fucked up badly

    • J Jett

      i agree 100% that the Negan kill cliffhanger hurt the show a lot. i know several people who did like the show (for the most part) but never returned to it after that dickhead cliffhanger move.

      • Johnny Al Lenn

        Were it not for boredom and a dried up Netflix list I never would’ve come back after that either, I’ve never been so annoyed by a cliffhanger in my life.
        I mean they are often annoying but usually they don’t hype up a moment for months and then sucker punch you with a cliffhanger after all but promising to answer the question in the finale, they might as well have digitally replaced Negan’s head with a trollface.

    • Jeff

      I think that coupled with the Glenn dumpster dive and people realized the show didn’t give a shit about it’s characters (and subsequently the audience) as long as everyone was talking about it the next day. It’s manipulative bullshit.

      • J Jett

        Jeff, i agree w/ you. the Glenn dumpster dive fake out thing is (no hyperbole) one of THE worst bits of tv i’ve ever seen. LOL.

    • Biscoito18

      They’ve lost me there too. After that, I watched Glenn’s death online and never came back to watch another ep.

    • MySelfDestruct

      I agree and I think Glenn’s death sent many fans away. He surprisingly had a lot of fans and they were not happy with how that went down.

  • Bobby Jones

    I probably won’t stop watching,though the story lines started getting dumb for me when Rick thought it was a good idea to take 1000 zombies for a walk. When you have, seemingly, and endless supply of gasoline and road flares, a giant pit of dried up zombies, who are attracted to fire, might be an easy fix.

  • oh_riginal

    This is a show that managed to make me feel shocked and saddened that Beth died…

    … yet it somehow couldn’t quite match that feeling with an OG character like Carl, who actually deserves that kind of shock.

    Carl Poppa!

    New writers and showrunners are NEEDED, ASAP, or the decline may continue. I’m a fan. I don’t want that happening.

    • J Jett

      Beth’s (i adored Beth) death was really upsetting imo.

      • oh_riginal

        I adored Beth as well. Coincidentally I also adored Beth in Better Off Dead.

        How about a mashup???

        Better Off Walking Dead!!!

    • Jeff

      They undercut Carl’s death by trying to make a shock out of it. The whole episode you’re curious why Carl is behaving the way he is and then aren’t given enough time to register why after you find out. If they wouldn’t have kept his bite a secret, it would have been more impactful because we would have been able to go on the journey with him and feel his death for longer, rather than retroactively going “oh shit, he’s bit…” It’s exactly this type of mind-fuckery that is making people quit the show. I think Gimple got caught up in the shocks and now that’s all he thinks about. Tell us a story, have it mean something. Don’t just kill time between “shocks”.

  • The Night King

    The shows problem is that it relies on every cheap trick in the book to try and draw in big numbers such as cliffhangers, fake outs, over hyped deaths, ect. The show just isn’t very well written or executed but since it gets big numbers and there isn’t much else to watch Sunday nights, it can get away with it. As for the departure of Carl, it’s obvious if you read in between the lines that Gimple and Rigg’s father did not get along so they cut him loose. You can only keep praising a bad show for so long before people start to tune out.

    • J Jett

      i agree 100% that the show has been using publicity stunt type tricks to try to keep people interested. the “who will Negan kill” stunt cliffhanger really seemed to piss so many people off.

  • Vinícius D’Luca

    I hope The Walking Dead will be cancelled at season 9 max, because they’re doing a poor job in writing and they just jeopardize the Carl arc with the last episode. Carl is such a big part of the comics now and killing him early and seeing what they’ve done with this season don’t make me confident that they know what to do with the tv show. The Walking Dead format now is “7 episodes of nothing/poor writing, 1 episode killing someone – 7 episodes of nothing/poor writing, 1 episode killing someone”- It’s so predictable nowadays…There’s a spotlight in someone? This person will die.

    • J Jett

      what’s so ridiculous to me is when a show like TWD will suddenly have an episode that focuses on a character that had never really had that focus on them before. it makes it so obvious that that character being focused on will die in this episode. many shows do this and i can’t figure out why.

      • MySelfDestruct

        Carl had been absent most of the season and then randomly had an episode centered around him and I immediately realized something bad would happen to him. Its so obvious at this point.

        • J Jett

          MySelf, EXACTLY!

  • At least we don´t have to worry about Scott Gimple fucking up THE WALKING DEAD anymore.
    He´s too busy at the moment coming up with ideas how to ruin the fourth season of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. After a brilliant third season AMC decided to pull the plug. They feared it could turn into quality tv in the end. So they called on Gimple to do the trick again. 😀

    • J Jett

      Bartel, is Gimple gone from TWD and now on FTWD? i didn’t know this happened. even though i stopped watching FTWD in season 2, i do hear season 3 was very good. i hope (for fans of FTWD) that Gimple doesn’t screw up that show but his track record….

      • Jeff

        I thought FTWD was Kirkman’s show, not Gimple’s. It shares some of the same problems as TWD but it’s MUCH more watchable overall. I think at least partially because there aren’t 1,001 characters at any point to waste minutes brooding on or tossing shitty dialogue back and forth. They can only do that for so long without returning to the storyline.

        • Johnny Al Lenn

          Fear season 3 was an improvement but there’s one habit of the writers which pisses me off to no end which they carried over from TWD; plot armor.
          It’s extremely frustrating to go a whole season watching the main characters interact with a villain who it would clearly be in everyone’s best interests to take out at the first opportunity and squander dozens of chances.
          If they want to keep these evil characters around for a long time they should either keep them away from the protagonists or be clever about why they aren’t killed instead of just having the protagonists stupidly decide to spare them against all logic and reason.
          This gets to the heart of the problem with both shows; the writers clearly have a small number of plot devices they like to use and they just use them over and over again and never try to change things up. The formula for TWD seasons hasn’t changed in three years despite huge criticism and falling ratings.
          The writers really need to start listening to the criticisms and moving out of their comfort zone, take a few risks and certainly work on the pacing which is ridiculous at this point.

          • Jeff

            Wow, nail meet head. They never come up with good excuses for keeping toxic people around and want to pretend these characters are three dimensional (which was slightly justified on FtWD ranch owner) but then keep writing thinly sketched pure villains who everyone just puts up with against their better judgment (i.e. the rancher’s son).

            Like with Negan, they constantly have people saying things about him instead of (outside a couple instances) showing why people willingly follow the mofo. For instance, Eugene’s verbose statements that he feels safer under Negan, but refusing to show us that at all (mostly him looking terrified, ugly crying). I’m sick in a show known for its camera work telling us things rather than showing. It’s gotten really bad as of this season specifically, because even as late as last season we had The Wolves attacking Alexandria episode showing us all we need to know about Carol and her mindset with her telling us a damn thing (which they had her do 100x once she got to the cabin, with the only affecting time being during her touching reunion with Darryl).

            Stop adding characters and trying to make us care about each and every new redshirt you want dead. Make us care about the core characters and stopping taking them for granted and just kill the redshirts anyways. It’s like they heard the criticism of you’re just killing a bunch of nobodies and were like “fine we’re writing storylines for all of them now. Bet you care now, huh?” So many nobodies died they they tried in vain for us to care about that now when Carl dies we don’t give two shits.

      • Okay, he isn´t completely gone. Kind of takin care on both sides. At least with his money. You should give FTWD S03 a try. It delivers a lot of great moments. Quality tops which TWD didn´t reached in years. You will be suprised (now after the poor first half of S08 even more i think).

  • J Jett

    i do love that pic above with Daryl and the little girl. that’s awesome!
    with the show using more and more storyline/promotional stunts (the “WHO WILL NEGAN KILL?” cliffhanger, etc. etc.) it does seem like the writers/producers are getting a bit desperate/anxious about the diminishing viewership. they should just cut the episode orders down from 16 to 13 (or even 10 eps) to make the writing tighter. but that will never happen because more eps means more money they can charge advertisers to air their commercials on.

  • Necro

    I’m going to tell you this shows biggest issues…

    1) Too many characters
    2) Too many characters and storylines where everything now is leading to all the lines being blurred, the writers have buried themselves. Example: who the hell was ‘Neil’? Oh yeah the one ‘Simon’ shot! Problem with that is I never heard of him at all before that! And if he was mentioned he got lost in the 75 characters on the show. And there’s plenty more ‘Neil’ like characters left! The positive with this is they can make the 2nd half of this season better and actually kill off people! After all it is WAR, and I’ve never heard of a war where everyone lives! Fiction or Non-fiction!
    3)The biggest problem is the talk show ‘Talking Dead’! A tv show that has its own talk show! Really?! Why? To talk about all the mistakes they make while making it. You would think the show would be damn near flawless with a talk show backing it up. And it’s sickening to watch cuz they talk like it’s real life! It’s funny cuz ever since they started doing this ‘Talking Dead’ is right around the time when the show started to become unraveled.

    • Jeff

      I don’t mind the Talking Dead, but relying on it for audience comprehension is ludicrous.
      The biggest problem to me other than the one you mentioned above is too little storyline for too many episodes and episode length. It may seem oxymoronic to simultaneously have too many storylines/characters and also too little. However the core problem is all of the little character arcs have little to no cohesion in a broader context, which is close to non-existent itself. I can keep track of Rosita, Tara, Gabriel, etc if they don’t have storyline’s that align with an overall overarching storyline, which has somewhat impossibly gone NOWHERE. Let’s look at our journey here at the beginning of the season, Negan had crushed them and they were gearing up to fight back and now we are right back where we started minus Carl. So, all of the character arcs have no pay off because nothing matters in the grand scheme of things.

      For example The Americans, which in the latter seasons is notorious for having it’s plot driven by emotional/character driven moments rather than the plot, have little to nothing happening in each episode but it doesn’t matter because the “plot line” is focused and the characters have clear dramatic arcs that align with it. Conversely, characters on TWD often do things that make no sense, with little to no development in their arcs, which are often told to us not shown, none of which matters or drives the plot because we are back at square one anyways

      Finally, they have no idea what matters to the story. Take the half-season finale, Rick, Carol, and the Big Guy are all in a car and then it gets crashed and they are suddenly in all different locations. So we have no time to explain that but a thousand minutes devoted to watching Eugene make a bunch of ugly cry faces. WHAT? It’s enraging. I half-watched all season. I said I’d quit when Carol died but I think I’m gonna have to quit before. Gimple completely lost his way after a promising start in season 4, and the writers cannot adapt to write a cohesive story based on his whims.

      • MySelfDestruct

        And with them being paid per episode or whatever that odd way they have of paying actors, most of the core cast never films together which also causes a huge problem with storytelling.

        • J Jett

          MySelfDestruct, what is the situation regarding the paid per ep gig? i haven’t heard about it (but it sounds accurate since they never seem to have the core cast in the same scenes/eps).

          • Jeff

            AMC is notoriously cheap and since TWD is doing well all the actors are getting paid better than when it started. Not a huge problem when you have 6 friends and a locked set or two but when you have a sprawling epic like TWD with cast salaries it gets complicated and expensive bringing everyone together all the time, every epsiode. So people go whole episodes without our main character(s) which leads to continuity problems and writing roadblocks.

      • J Jett

        LOL!! Eugene’s cry face is…it’s just fucking hilarious and fucking god awful! LOL. i DO like the actor playing him though. he seems like a really nice/cool guy.

    • J Jett

      i actually enjoy TALKING DEAD way more than i ever enjoyed TWD seasons 3-5 (i stopped watching after season 5). of course i understand TALKING DEAD is 1000% fluff. it’s a “OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS FUCKING PERFECT!” bullshit puff piece show but i enjoy seeing the actors from the show in that informal, fun setting. lol.

      • Paul Rubino

        Wait you watching Talking Dead but not Walking Dead, you gave up after season 5 but your complaining about the show you don’t watch anymore, are you stupid or what just shut up already people like you are dumber than liberals!

        • JackJonston24

          You seem to have a very low IQ,how are you functioning on a day to day basis ?

          • I’m sorry , HATERS, but I’m sure he has a great IQ. “One of the highest!”


    • Yvette drives me batshit. Clearly not a reader of the source-material, yet claiming some sort of mantle…the whole “Judith isn’t Rick’s daughter! Shane’s her dad, not Rick!” and she even then had the audacity to speak over Gimple attempting to point out how offensive that notion is with the Shaq “biological didn’t bother” reference. Yes, Yvette has me running to Gimple’s defense, and I possibly am angrier at her for that alone.

      But yes…nevermind the guy who raised her since her embryonic stages…way to spit on every adoptive-parent relationship.

  • Bobby Jones

    why doesn’t Z Nation get any love here? it’s become great dumb fun.

    • J Jett

      i’ve always wondered why Z-NATION never got covered here. i admit i’m not really liking this current 4th season but seasons 1 & 2 were great!

  • Biscoito18

    The first season was amazing. The second slowed things down but still was very entertaining and different from other zombie stories.
    The first big disappointment for me was the second half of the third season. The Governor’s plot should’ve ended there, but they decided to drag it into the middle of the fourth season. After that, TWD has never been the same.

    The second half of season four was full of extremes: either it was an incredible episode or a horrible one where nothing happened. I still remember that awful episode with Daryl and Bette drinking moonshine and setting fire to a house. I thought TWD couldn’t get any worse than that.

    The fifth season started well but began to waste time with many uninteresting characters, especially in the hospital. Even in a great episode like that with Daryl and Carol exploring the city on their own, the script invented some ridiculous idea to spoil the moment like the infamous van that could spin in the air.

    Not only was it clearer than ever that the script had serious flaws in logic, but it was also evident that the producers didn’t mind taking into account the characters’ own experiences, and the idiocy began to accumulate.

    Glenn’s fake death in Season 6 was TWD’s “jump the shark” moment for me.
    From that point on, the rules established by the series itself were ignored by the script. Now everyone already knew the structure of the episodes so blatant that it was the manipulation.
    A sea of ​​fillers and a major death/big impact in the premiere, mid-season finale, second half premiere and season finale.

    Unsatisfied, they managed to worsen the situation and began to deceive the public by simply not showing this long long-awaited deaths/impact scenes in the mid-season and season finales. Everything to increase the audience of the next episode.

    That was the moment I gave up. They don’t deserve the loyal audience they have, let alone the material they have to adapt, which they continue to destroy episode by episode.

    • MySelfDestruct

      That particular show runner was horrible and treated the characters terribly and just randomly decided to kill off Andrea after giving her a storyline she didn’t agree with and the actress has been pretty vocal about her treatment. The entire Governor storyline was handled so poorly and a shame because he was a fantastic actor who didn’t get the story he needed to make what should have been an awesome story.

    • MySelfDestruct

      Also, Gimple came in with some great ideas and his first couple seasons were good but he has really missed the mark in the last few seasons.

    • J Jett


      “The first season was amazing. The second slowed things down but still was very entertaining and different from other zombie stories.
      The first big disappointment for me was the second half of the third season”.

      YES! i agree 10000%. word for word! i also agree w/ everything else you wrote. 🙂

  • Dennis Giles

    So now after a “Bite” you can go hours/days ? And show no sign of turning ?
    Yet Gabriel gets guts on him as a escape route (tried and tested method !) and nearly dies without a bite ??
    I give up.

  • MySelfDestruct

    I mentioned to you on twitter John but I really think they have sacrificed character growth and development and its costing them. If they could get back to balancing action and character stories, they would probably be in better shape. As it stands, characters will just randomly have a devoted episode and its rare to even remember what they were originally doing in the story. Eugene is a good example. His character has not been served well by the writing and he was instrumental in many of the events of the latter half of the season.

  • WOLF

    Last season lost me. Too much Negan strutting around like a rooster. Too many characters i don’t care about. Ezekiel is ridiculous. Also, they don’t do a good job filming gun on gun action. It’s unconvincing. Characters with limited weapons vs zombies worked.

    • Necrogeddon666

      The choreography in the gun battles is so bad this season it’s hard to get past it. You have a battlefield with a dozed or so characters on each side firing weapons. No one reloads. No one is even carrying ammo on them. Bullet casings are never ejected from any of the weapons. People being shot at are taking cover behind cars that are sustaining no damage. No bullet holes, no ricochets, and all the glass is always intact. None of the actors are playing recoil from the weapons convincingly at all. For fucks sake Morgan and a couple other guys get mowed down, and Morgan just gets up and walks around the building with a single handgun a wipes everyone out on his own like a terminator because he’s MAD. This season is irritating as hell.

  • Cameron West

    I used to see people post ALL THE TIME about TWD on Facebook…obviously, especially, on Sundays. I honestly haven’t seen anything posted about about this show, at all, this season. Nothing. I don’t think people care anymore and I, for one, can’t wait for it to be over and done with.

    • Paul Rubino

      I got a idea for you, don’t watch it dummy and it wont bother you anymore plain and simple. Some of you people do nothing but complain, just turn the channel and shut up already.

      • Dennis Giles

        Go fuck a duck Paul R ,so you come here for what then?
        Iv’e read this page and I agree with nearly all comments posted.
        Then socially retarded fukwits like your backward self decide to show up !!
        What wrong your mom left the basement window open and you escaped ??

  • dukeblues

    They need to kill Negan already. Move the F on. Maybe show a Negan backstory episode too. But I wanna see him tortured and killed. That is must see tv

  • Zorgog

    They have such great source material to work with yet they spend so much time ignoring it. They seemed to be following the comic a little more closely and then you kill a crucial character off because of a contract dispute? The comic is about Rick and Carl, father and son surviving in this new world first and foremost. That is now gone due to a dispute and this constant need by AMC for shock and awe moments that just don’t cut it. There are so many moments from the comic that I want to see play out on the TV show like Glenn’s death did, but this showrunner just showed his hand and I know from this point on this is what I can expect. I haven’t watched an episode at airtime since the lackluster season 3 finale, and this certainly doesn’t change that. The only thing this move changes for me is if I’ll watch at all from this point. At least the comic is still good.

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      They can’t accurately adapt the comics because of AMC’s censorship rules anyway. At this point I’d be happy if AMC cancelled the show and the rights were acquired by a network which could fully exploit the source material like HBO, Showtime or Starz.
      It’s a damn shame HBO turned it down; they could’ve had another huge hit and the showrunners wouldn’t have to compromise on content for silly and pointless censorship rules (although it would be worse were it not for the weird double standards when it comes to censoring violence on U.S. TV as opposed to sex and bad language).
      As far as I’m concerned until one of the uncensored networks picks up a zombie show and gives it a quality budget the genre’s potential on this medium will only be wasted on watered down networks.

  • Dylan Summers

    This is the beginning of the end for TWD. Despite them saying they want it to go on and on and on I think they’ll squeeze 2 more seasons out of it until they realise cancellation is going to come calling. That’s nothing to be ashamed of though. 10 seasons is a solid run.

    The only thing that could’ve injected new life in to it is a time jump or a complete focus on a different set of survivors. But I think A) People have already checked out and it’s too little, too late or B) Even doing those things and you can guarantee each episode would be filled with depressing monologues and lots of pointless criss-crossing between survivors.

    Just admit it guys. The show took a wrong turn many seasons ago and now you just need to wrap up the story while you’ve still got time.

  • Kount Kreepy

    Hey I have an idea! Let’s introduce a new character. He’s a cute ginger kid, that says funny little catch phrases! Surely that will bring people back to the fold! Anyone else feel like the dialogue/cinematography quality has slipped into the realm of 7th heaven?

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    it wasnt a shocker….. that shit was leaked weeks ago.. they should call this show the walking boring lol
    i was happy with this episode though cause since i knew what was going to happen i bet all my friends 200 dollars each i could predict what was coming .. we all wrote what we thought on a piece of paper
    then at the end opened them revealing OH SHIT.. I WAS RIGHT carl got fucked ..i made like 3 grand 😀

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I haven’t seen the last 3 episodes from this season as it was so utterly tedious. I gave it a good go despite it getting worse each episode but I just can’t find it in me to catch up. Fear on the other hand, I’m looking forward to it’s return.

  • blackie_chan

    Bring back Frank Darabont and the show might have a chance

  • Laura Sheldon

    Worst episode ever. It was film to dark at times, at times they mumbled and the whole Carl getting bit best be a dream of Carl’s immune to the virus. If not Gimple should atleast be fired for the whole crap show they call the mid-season finally.

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