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Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Endings By Mushroomhead’s Jeffrey Nothing

We’re on the penultimate day of our ‘9 Days Of Mushroomead Top 5 Lists‘ and we’re gonna hit a really heavy topic today, one that might stir up a lot of discussion. Vocalist Jeffrey Nothing has decided to bring us his Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Endings, which is always a contentious topic.

From Jeffrey Nothing:

No particular order, though the first two movies shouldn’t be included with the last three the reasons that will be obvious.

Head on below for this list and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


This is a great movie and would not be on this list except for the fact that Pinhead is the Cenobite and there about to tear Kirsty apart and she starts playing with the puzzle box at which time the epitome of evil says “Don’t do that!” and good wins. Weak.

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  • Matt P

    Hostile? Really? I’m hoping that was a typo because it’s hard to believe someone writing for a horror site would make a mistake like that.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Total typo but I’m still really embarrassed by it. Thanks for pointing it out!

    • Krug09

      People make mistakes, my friend. No matter how many times you spell check 🙂

  • Write in votes for Saw 5, Saw 7/3D, and Halloween: Resurrection for killing off Laurie in the beginning, and ending the movie with ninja Busta Rhymes VS Michael Myers.

  • Dr. Decker

    lord of illusions is one of my all time bad endings. hate it.
    all the buildup of nix coming back and he comes back and walks onstage and the trap door opens and gone the end. ugh.

  • wnio

    Have you guys done a “best endings” list?

    Has there ever been a more impressive low budget horror film than Session 9? And after all that incredible pacing and atmosphere we get a poorly executed twist ending.

    Not only for the story is it disappointing but it was like their cinematographer was sick the last day and they grabbed their friend who took photography in highschool.

    I mean there are some scenes in that movie that are unbelievably scary, don’t get me wrong what they did is amazing, but the ending ugh.

  • Krug09

    I can’t remember Hellraiser’s or LOI’s endings but Clive’s movies were unique as hell they feel different then most movies.

  • Rupert Bauer

    I was a big Clive Barker fan. I loved his stories and ideas. However, he did have a problem with the ending always seeming a big weak. It’s like he had a good idea for evil, but eventually would go “Crud, I have to let good win!”

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