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Unanswered Questions from the ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise!

Have you ever tried to explain the origins of Jason Voorhees to a friend who isn’t into horror? It’s surprisingly difficult, as you quickly realize just how many gaps exist in the iconic slasher villain’s backstory. Even though the Friday the 13th franchise encompasses 12 films and spans three decades, so many very basic questions about the lore remain unaddressed to this day, as producer Bryan Fuller is keenly aware of. He said last year that the upcoming reboot might explore the extent of Jason’s immortality, an idea which was touched upon in Jason Goes to Hell but that still remains fairly enigmatic.

These questions are arguably better left unanswered, considering that revealing too much about an antagonist often diminishes their impact (looking at you, Halloween). Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give fans slightly more information to work with in their attempt to unravel this incredibly confusing mythology. Taking a look back at just the movies themselves and not the comics, novels or video games, some of the unsolved mysteries include…

Did Jason actually drown or not?

This is an incredibly simple question about the basic premise of Friday the 13th, yet the answer is unclear. The original movie operates under the assumption that Jason Voorhees drowned as a young boy while camp counselors weren’t paying attention. Afterwards, Jason’s grief-stricken mother murders several counselors, and when she finds out there are plans to reopen the camp years later, she returns for more. That’s the setup for the first film; it’s only in the final minutes of Friday the 13th that Jason himself appears, but this is merely a dream sequence.

Part II is the first time it’s revealed that Jason is in fact still alive. He’s now a fully grown adult man living in a shack in the middle of the woods, yet the sequel doesn’t go into detail about this sudden reversal. Is the implication that Jason truly did drown as a kid, but he was somehow resurrected off screen? Or did he never drown in the first place, and he has been living in the woods all this time while everyone believed he was dead? Speaking of which, if his body was never recovered and none of the counsellors were paying attention, how do they even know he drowned? Why did that become the official story?

The closest we get to an explanation is the appearance of the Necronomicon in the Voorhees house in Jason Goes to Hell. Many fans speculate that the presence of the book of the dead indicates Jason did indeed drown and was brought back to life, a solid theory but one that is mostly conjecture based on a quick Easter egg. To this day, according to what we are told on screen, it’s basically anyone’s guess what went down in that fateful summer of 1957.


What was Jason up to for 20 years? 

The fact that Jason has a permanent home in the woods in Part II implies he has been set up there for a while, whether we believe he never drowned or he came back to life. From what we see of Pamela, it doesn’t appear she has any clue that Jason is still out there. But why didn’t Jason ever return to his mother? It’s not as if he was incapable of doing so; in the opening of Part II, he manages to find Alice and make his way all the way to her house from Camp Crystal Lake. If he could figure out where a random teenager lives based on virtually no information, presumably he could figure out how to return to his childhood home.

Could it be that Pamela was an abusive mother, and so Jason decided to pretend he was dead in order to escape? From what we see in the rest of the franchise, though, Jason apparently has a strong connection with his mom. Her death has a profound impact on him, and it seems to have been the motivating factor behind his killing spree. Maybe Jason decided he had become such a monster that he would be sparing Pamela pain by staying in hiding. Either way, from Pamela’s perspective, did she put absolutely no effort whatsoever into finding Jason? Even if the official story was that he drowned, seeing as his body was never recovered, wouldn’t she at least for a moment consider that maybe he’s still alive? She never bothered to check in the immediate area to discover a shack that isn’t even hidden very well?

Some speculate that Pamela actually committed her murders as part of a ritual to bring Jason back from the dead. That would certainly explain a few things, but this is again based mainly on the brief appearance of the Necronomicon in Jason Goes to Hell, so it’s not exactly canon.

Where was Jason during the original movie?


What was Jason up to during the events of the first movie? He clearly knows that Alice killed his mother, as he takes his revenge in the first act of Part II. Later in the same movie, campers say that Jason witnessed Mrs. Voorhees’ death, although this might just be an urban legend seeing as nobody but Jason would know this. But if we go with the movie’s logic and accept that Jason was lurking around in the woods during Friday the 13th, what on Earth was he doing all that time? Why didn’t he intervene? Even if he wanted to keep playing dead, he presumably did not want Pamela to be killed, and Mrs. Voorhees and Alice were certainly battling it out for a long enough period that Jason could have easily emerged from the woods to save the day.

Is Jason simply hard to kill, or is he literally immortal? 

We all know that Jason continuously comes back, but is it that he is simply so tough that it’s nearly impossible to kill him, or is it that he keeps dying and being resurrected? The series seems to present us with some combination of the two, but the extent of his immortality is never quite apparent. The first time it is 100% certain that Jason definitely died and was subsequently resurrected is the beginning of Part VI: Jason Lives. He’s been buried for six years, and he only starts moving again after being struck by lightning, Frankenstein style. It doesn’t get much clearer than that: Jason was dead, and now he has returned.

But after how many movies was Jason resurrected off screen, and how many times did he simply get right up afterwards, having not been killed? It’s explained in Jason X that he has the ability to regenerate tissue, so presumably this allows him to come back from relatively minor injuries. In Part II, he’s struck with a machete, and in Part III, he’s hit with an axe. But the damage inflicted in both of these instances is vague enough that he could have been killed and resurrected, or he could have simply regenerated tissue as soon as the protagonists walked away.

Jason’s return begins to require a supernatural explanation at the end of Jason Lives, where he is chained to the bottom of the water and doesn’t die. Obviously, that is a step beyond just being hard to kill. Could it be that everything up until his rebirth in Jason Lives can be explained by the character’s resilience combined with his unique regenerative abilities, but after the lightning strike, he has become immortal? Even that doesn’t quite work, though, as in Jason Goes to Hell, he is killed by being blown up. Apparently he is immortal and impossible to kill, except when he isn’t.

Is there a supernatural explanation behind the dreams?


The Friday the 13th series loves to indulge in dream sequences, continuing a tradition that began with the original movie’s iconic ending. But these dreams are often confusing when we consider what the given character knows about the overall mythology. That was an issue right away with Alice’s fantasy. She imagines Jason as not having died in the lake, but what would lead her to come up with this weird twist in the story? She doesn’t have any reason to question Mrs. Voorhees’ account of Jason’s death, and there is little ambiguity about the boy’s fate up until that point. It’s particularly confusing because her crazy fantasy of Jason still being out there turns out to be completely true. How did she know?

Perhaps this was just a random nightmare that happened to line up with reality, but what about the ending of Part III? Chris is attacked by Pamela Voorhees in a hallucination, but Chris never even met Jason’s mom, nor does she know anything about Pamela’s story. These weird sorts of inconsistencies have lead some fans to theorize that the hallucinations have a supernatural explanation. For instance, perhaps the spirit of Pamela Voorhees put that final image into Chris’ mind, and Jason’s soul was invading Alice’s thoughts during the events of the original film. If that sounds preposterous, remember that Jason’s spirit does in fact enter the minds of others in Jason Goes to Hell, so it’s not as if the series hasn’t already gone there.

Can Jason teleport? 

Everyone who watches slashers knows that the villain is somehow able to catch up with his victims despite the fact that he walks along at an excruciatingly slow pace. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything otherworldly is happening; it’s just a trope of the genre and a way for the character to creep us out with his relaxed nature while also getting the job done. But Friday the 13th takes it so over the top to the point that it seems that Jason must have actually gained the ability to teleport after returning to life in Part VI. 


This is especially prominent in Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. In one scene, Jason throws Charles out a window from several stories high, only to appear on the ground about five seconds later. There is no way to explain what happened other than Jason having some sort of magical ability, and there continues to be bits like that throughout the franchise that extend far beyond what we see in the typical slasher. During Eva’s death scene in the same movie, Jason seemingly teleports around the room every time she turns her head before eventually appearing right next to her. Let’s hope this is one element the series never attempts to explain, though. We wouldn’t want another Curse of Michael Myers situation and have a sequel reveal that Jason can teleport because he’s being controlled by a cult. Nobody wants that.



  • Creepshow

    Thanks for this article. Because the main thing it proves is THESE MOVIES ARE DUMB. They were never meant to make anyone think about anything. I just remember about every 2 years or so when growing up, a new F13th trailer would come out. And I’d be like “Christ, another fucking F13th movie? These are sooo dumb!”
    So thanks Brendan for elaborately making that point. Nothing intelligent was ever to be taken out of F13th movies.

    • Honestly, I prefer A Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween, they’re smarter franchises.

      • Glenn Wills

        Halloween is a smarter franchise? The Halloween with 2 distinct timelines AND “resurrection” which has the ultimate suspension of disbelief opening in cinematic history? Interesting.

        • John Connor

          I see Halloween as one timeline.

          • Glenn Wills

            How? Part 4 says Laurie is dead and Jamie was adopted. But H20 makes no mention of this and resurrection the guy at the beginning mentioning Michaels history skips the events of parts 4-6 entirely.

          • John Connor

            H20 mentions that Loomis lived and was tracking Michael down just like in Parts 4-6. If it was ignoring 4-6, why even bother to say Loomis lived after that explosion and fire in Part 2? Why have Laurie fake her death if it wasn’t for her “death” being mentioned in Part 4?

            The murders in 4-6 are attributed to the Thorn cult, not Michael. Why would anyone believe that Michael Myers did it after he died in 1978? It would be total conspiracy theory bullshit, just like Part 6 mentioned on the radio with everyone making fun of the idea of Michael Myers. That’s why only Dr. Loomis and Tommy Doyle took it seriously to go help Jamie at the train station. Dr. Wynn took the fall for the murders.

            “Dad would let me go.”

            “Well, “Dad” is an abusive chain-smoking methadone addict.”

            “And who would attract someone like that?”


            “And just think, he left you. ”

            Laurie Strode is anything but “pure”. Or is that Kerri Tate? Or Cynthia Myers?

            She had a very messed up past post-Halloween 1978. To get involved with someone like that and they later left her… do you have any idea how messed up Laurie had to have been to be left by an abusive addict?

            And this is just the info given from H20 alone.

            Shortly after 1978, Laurie conceived Jamie who was born around 1980. Laurie had to have been a complete wreck of a person. She had just found out that her life was a lie, her supernatural psycho brother that is pure evil tried to kill her, and she has no idea who she is. She likely got on the booze and probably drugs, especially if she would get involved with a drug addict and if she wanted to forget the absolute batshit insanity that is her life at this point.

            Jamie and John very likely had different fathers and were always separate from each other. Laurie likely slept around or at least cheated on Mr. Lloyd with John’s father, if she was even with him. Shortly after having Jamie, she conceived John. Laurie is 20 years old by the time she has John.

            I don’t see Laurie as really being in any solid relationships at this point if she was sleeping around and drinking (and drugging).

            It’s possible that Laurie got John taken from her by his father or his father’s parents due to her wreckless ways. She may have even had Jamie taken from her by Mr. Lloyd into his custody. Laurie was very likely an unfit parent.

            Laurie may have seeked therapy and tried to get better or appear better. She gets back with Mr. Lloyd and gets to claim Jamie back. Laurie’s still messed up though and has fears of her brother coming after her.

            Does she know Michael is still alive? She believes him to be, but does she know that Wynn and his people are keeping him alive in a comatose state?

            Perhaps Dr. Loomis gets back in touch with Laurie to reveal to her that Michael is being kept alive. This scares Laurie so much and pushes her back to her delusional state shortly after that night in 1978.

            November of 1987, Laurie and Mr. Lloyd are in a car crash, likely killing Mr. Lloyd. Laurie takes this opportunity to fake her death and start anew somewhere else. She knows she will always be a target as long as Michael is out there. Everyone would be safer if Laurie was dead.

            Perhaps Dr. Loomis helps Laurie leave and agrees to watch over and protect Jamie from afar as she stays with a trusted family. He’ll be keeping a close eye on Michael in the meantime.

            Laurie likely instantly regrets this action, but she figures that Jamie is safer if she is nowhere near her and is believed to be dead. This is her one clean escape.

            11 months later, October of 1988, when Michael is being transferred, they (Wynn’s people) are sure not to notify Dr. Loomis. Michael causes the ambulance to wreck into a river and escapes. But as far as anyone knows, Michael is a burnt vegetable that was taken by the river.

            Chaos ensues as Dr. Loomis does is damnest to protect Jamie, but ultimately fails a year later.

            Laurie, meanwhile, far away with her new identity hears about Jamie’s disappearance and goes into a complete downward spiral. She goes back to her abusive lover, John’s father, and is able to claim John again. She will never let anything happen to John after what happened to Jamie. She is a new person with a new life and a new purpose despite still being an alcoholic paranoid crazy on a cabinet full of pills. On the surface she is Kerri Tate and will live to protect her son. Underneath, she is Laurie Strode and will live to protect her son.

          • Glenn Wills

            Neat theory but too many holes. Everyone knew Michael didn’t die in part 2, he’s in the hospital and was up until the start of part 4. By part 4 everyone again knows he is alive as the whole police force shot the hell out of him at the end of the movie. Again in part 5 everyone is aware he’s alive because the police lock him up only to have him escape. When the serial killer obsessed guy in H20 lists Michaels killing sprees he mentions parts 1, 2, and H20 but not 4-6. Even if you listen to the commentaries H20 was written as a direct sequel to part 2 and bypassed 4-6. So you either have a timeline where Michael disappears at the end of 2 (dialog in H20) or one where he lived and was in a hospital only to escape and go on the rampage between 4-6. Can’t have both because they’re mutually exclusive timelines.

          • John Connor

            Actually H20 was written with 4-6 in mind. It was written as Halloween 7: The Revenge Of Laurie Strode. There was even a scene where Jamie is mentioned by a student reading an article and Laurie goes to the bathroom to throw up after hearing it. They cut that because the producers wanted to keep it simple and not make much mention of 4-6 because they wanted it to be only reminiscent of the popular first and second Halloween films. They just wanted it simple: Laurie vs. Michael, to appeal to a wider audience. None of it negates 4-6. Again, it picks up the breadcrumbs left by Part 4: Laurie’s faking her “death” and Loomis being alive. Even has newspapers mentioning it with a picture of the scissors used as a murder weapon, likely documenting Rachel’s death from Part 5. Even has Michael wearing the same mask at beginning of H20 from the end of H6.

            The police force shot the hell out of a guy in a Michael Myers suit, just like Wynn wore in Part 6. This was all attributed to the cult. Remember that most, if not all, of the police force was murdered in Part 5. This was all attributed to the Thorn cult because, again, no one would believe a dead man, who is known to either have died in that hospital explosion or as a vegetable in that ambulance crash, would have been able to do these things. Anybody killing in a white mask was an impostor. No one would believe that Michael Myers did it except those involved and crazy people. Those murders in 4-6 were attributed to copycats (the Thorn cult).

          • Glenn Wills

            An imposter in a Michael Myers costume who took out an entire police force in hand to hand combat, required dozens of bullets to drop, survived being run into by a truck, oh yeah and was arrested and booked into the jail at the end of part 5! Face it man they were never meant to connect. Originally 7 was going to be loomis and something to do with the thorn curse as a follow up to the original ending to 6. When DP died they had to find a different direction to go so first they went back and heavily altered part 6 and then went in a completely different direction with H20 and dropped any mention or connecting with previous timeline.

          • John Connor

            No one in their right mind is going to believe that Michael Myers survived events in Part 2 and 4 and then took out an entire police force in hand to hand combat, required dozens of bullets to drop, survived being run into by a truck, etc. It would take a group of people to do that. Thorn cult. Michael was locked up in a cell at the end of 5, but immediately broken out by the Thorn cult. No real evidence of Michael Myers and if there was, obviously planted there by this cult because Michael Myers being alive and doing those things would be impossible. No one (who wasn’t involved) believed it in Part 6 (as depicted on the radio; Michael Myers was seen as a folktale like Area 51, no one actually believed it, it was a total joke) and no one believed it in part 7 because its just not possible.

            When H20 was conceived it was written as part 7. Again, I’ve already mentioned how it picked up on those threads.

          • Glenn Wills

            So your argument is that your theory works because Michael can’t be an unstoppable killing machine even though he is an unstoppable killing machine? They stated in part 5 he was awaiting transportation to a federal jail. So they Feds would know they captured Myers, alive, and needed transport. When they arrive everyone is dead and both the jail door and the wall have been blown wide open. Sure no evidence at all besides piles of bodies, explosions, bullets, oh and loomis was alive along with all the other dead bodies and forensics left behind. So yeah other than witnesses, dead bodies, forensics, an actual arrest report, notification of the Feds, and a prison break he’s like a ninja and leaves no trace lol.

          • John Connor

            It’s like you can’t read or understand anything.

            What’s more plausible:

            a cult of people using a folktale, a ghost, to spook people into thinking that said spook is killing a bunch of people (when they are really doing the killings in said spook’s name)


            an evil unstoppable force that’s like a ghost because it can’t be killed actually murdering tons of people

            No sane person is going to believe it was the unstoppable force/ghost of a dead murderer, thus all those killings are attributed to the cult they found in H6. That is why only the murder events of 1978 are attributed to Michael Myers in H20.

            Get it? Do you get it? Did you actually read and understand anything I wrote?

          • Glenn Wills

            Yes I perfectly understand that you want your theory to work even though it doesn’t. So you’ll just keep repeating the same things and have started with personal attacks because when all else fails that’s how you’ll defend your pet theory that makes no sense. So whatever makes you feel better. You’re so right I can’t believe I never noticed it before. Omg you’re a genius and they should hire you to write a new sequel you are so talented. Better?

      • Jago Hara-Kiri

        Jason and Jeepers creepers >>>>>>>>> Michael Myers and Freddy

    • Simon Allen

      Off the anti-depressants again i guess ??

      • Creepshow

        Go shave your back.

  • Maybe Mrs. Voorhees possessed the Jason body when she was killed! It’s why Jason can’t die, his body is controlled by her soul, she only will stop when kill every teenagers.
    Ok, that’s a stupid theory lol

    • It’s as sensible as any other theory mate! More sense than some 😀

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      i wrote something very similar for a junior high project back in the mid-nineties.
      great minds think alike 😀

  • J Jett

    the only F13 films i even acknowledge are parts 1-5. the rest are abysmal. imo Jason was simply a human man. the whole “killed and resurrected, or he could have simply regenerated tissue” gig is (no offense to anyone) god awful/stupid. he was human UNTIL part 4. don’t even get me started on the Necronomicon idea (so ridiculous) and Mrs. Vorhees killing people as a ritual to bring Jason back…no. maybe Jason’s body was never recovered and that the fact that despite all her efforts to find him she couldn’t and it just pushed her over the edge/drove her insane.

    regarding if Jason can teleport…i agree it’s completely idiotic how he can SLOWLY lumber after the fastest running person ever and yet still catch up with said person!! this is a big reason why (no offense to Kane) i do not like any of the Kane Hodder Jason incarnations. zombie Jason just sucked. give me a brutal, living, breathing HUMAN Jason who runs after his victims. give me Ted White’s/Derek Mears’s (or part 2’s & part 3’s) Jasons.

    once this franchise became supernatural it really became unwatchable/awful.

    • diapers

      Yup, absolute agreement from this kid. I-IV, absolutely human Jason, with ability to run, and even vocalize pain through grunts. I do occasionally watch the zombie Jason installments, to be complete, but I find myself yelling at the screen ALOT, especially during supernatural plot points. I do have fun with the over the top Jason X and FvJ though.

    • BooMstick Critique

      i get why you feel that way but every film is cannon including the new line ones an like most horror shows when they explain the evil it becomes silly jason in this franchise was brought back by the book from evil dead jason goes to hell clearly points this out now rather you like this idea or not is up to you but it is the cannon reason for why he came back from drowning now they could easily make a new reason for it if they do a prequel to the franchise but the offiicial reason for his rebirth is the book of the dead

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    All of your questions are answered in the movies actually, it’s just that it doesn’t always make sense^^

    Did Jason actually drown or not?
    Yes he did and was resurrected by Pamela with the necronomicon (explained in part 9)

    What was Jason up to for 20 years?
    Nothing special, just wandering in the woods, being very disturbed since his resurrection

    Where was Jason during the original movie?
    In the woods, hiding, he witnessed his mother being killed (explained in part 2)

    Is Jason simply hard to kill, or is he literally immortal?
    He’s both very hard to kill (shown in every movie) and has regeneration abilities (explained in Jason X)

    Is there a supernatural explanation behind the dreams?
    Yes, Crystal Lake is cursed, and Jason also got drowned on a Friday the 13th…. Shut up it’s magic !

    Can Jason teleport?
    No the movies are just very inconsistent and like to make Jason pop up where it’s convenient for the plot.

  • LastCubScout

    I’ve always wanted to know about the random things Jason (or his mom) do to the bodies. There doesn’t seem to be any ritual behind the body disposal. Sometimes they’re never found. Some are left hanging on walls and doors. Some are stuffed in closets. Some are dragged to the mom’s altar. Some are carried to be thrown through windows. Some are apparently rigged to random trip wires to swing down from trees when a hapless victim runs by…

  • Mistah J…..ameswd

    What the hell happens to Paul!

    • J Jett

      Mistah J, yes!! i always wondered what happened to Paul!

      • Frank Lloyd Jr.

        He started a folk music trio with Peter and Mary.

        • J Jett

          LOL! 🙂

        • Simon Allen

          HA HA ! Love it !!!

  • Adam Clifton

    Here’s some more questions… How did Jason know where Alice lived? How did Jason know Alice’s phone number to call the house to see if she was still inside? How did Jason know to move the police car that was obstructing the road to the camp? How did Muffin survive? Most of these questions can be answered by explaining that it wasn’t Jason in the beginning of Friday the 13th Part 2, but was actually Jason’s father who has remained ‘behind the scenes’ for the rest of the series.

    • Saturn

      Or perhaps when Alice died it was a dream sequence.

      • Adam Clifton

        And then Ginny had the continued dream sequence where there’s a 5 year old corpse with a pick through its head in Jason’s shack

        • Saturn

          My theory is that the events of Friday 13th 1 through 9 are all a dream sequence, which take place when Jason is in cryostasis. That would explain everything – it was a dreamlike quality!

          • Adam Clifton

            Most people would like to think Jason X was one big dream sequence

    • I always took the Muffin moment as a dream. It’s so over the top and then…

      • Adam Clifton

        Yeah because that was definitely Muffin all chewed up that the two kids find

    • Flashjordan

      He found her on Ripoffyourfacebook

  • EvilHead1981

    Meh, I thought this was going to be some “official answers” as given by Paramount/New Line and Sean Cunningham regarding the some sorta Friday the 13th lore bible or shit. This is just, “Well, this movie says this, and that movie says that!” shit that fans have been discussing for decades. Double meh!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    For me, canon dies at the end of Manhattan. Nothing New Line did with the series means anything and shouldn’t be used to explain any of Jason’s backstory. The goofballs who wrote Hell and X retconned so much of the original lore just to make a single movie at the times of their conception.

    Paramount aren’t exactly off the hook either. They were just making movies to score quick profit and didn’t care about addressing any of the plot-holes they created with each new sequel. Everything from Jason drowning/not drowning to his whereabouts during the first movie, him slowly progressing from a cunning thinker surviving in the wild to a mindless killing machine, the idiots who continue to return to Crystal Lake after each grisly rampage…….. and on and on. They were cheap films that netted good profit and were treated as such by the writers who were hired to crap out another sequel. No sense in obsessing over details that were never meant to exist in the first place.

  • Dr. Gitrog Crow

    I like to think that F13 is actually different stories about the same urban myth figure told by different people. Think of Jason as the Paul Bunyan of murder.
    Its like a campfire story told by different people. Some things stay the same but details change based on the teller.

    • That’s a really cool way of looking at it.

    • Frankie Lives

      This is similarly how I view these movies as well. I never really thought of continuity, just storytelling. I just liked each one as s seperate story about Jason.

    • THGrimm

      I love this!

    • diapers

      Well put.

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Well, I think exactly these questions are making the franchise more interesting. But I also think there might be a supernatural explanation for Jason`s skills, as they showed us in part IX that he owns some kinda Necronomicon.

  • DarkBree

    I only consider canon until Part VIII, the rest I just don’t care, it’s not Friday the 13th anymore!

    So based on the original parts, Jason didn’t die, but Pamela didn’t know that, maybe she was locked in a mental hospital and got released when she came back to kill all those people during the first movie. Maybe Jason found out his mother was back just to witness her death. So in many years he trained his killing skills to get his revenge. He only died in Final Chapter to be brought back to life in Jason Lives, now he’s just a zombie and can’t be killed until his body was desintegrated by toxic trash in New York. The end!

    • J Jett

      DarkBree, i agree w/ you 100%! 🙂

      • DarkBree

        Thanks J Jett. I have another theory: what if Crazy Ralph and Pamela met each other at the mental hospital?! That’s why he knew what was about to happen there.

    • diapers

      For me, the canon is finished in Part IV (with part 5 being silly fun). Part VI I always saw as the segway to zombie Jason-dom… it has the “feel” of the earlier human Jason flicks, but the corpse revival by lightening really does spell the end of alive-Jason.

  • KSE1977

    A better question, after rewatching part 1 last night, after decapitating Mrs. Vorhees, why get in a boat and drift off into the water? Traumatized and in shock or not, I have never been able to understand. I mean the obvious answer is that ir made sense for the story as far as introducing Jason and having a dream sequence.

    Second, why is Jason disfigured? Or is he disfigured? Never clear on that and was he a “special” needs kid or just a normal kid that drowned? I think my mind attached some of this over the years and now that I am rewatching them again, I am not seeing what I thought I remembered.

    • John Connor

      She got in the boat and drifted off for protection from everything. She was just hunted. She figured that she’d get in a boat and be in the middle of the lake so that no one and nothing could reach her. There shouldn’t be any sharks or crocodiles in the lake to overturn the boat, so she should be safe. No one could sneak up on her this way. She can stay in the lake and know if anybody tries to get to her because they’d need a boat to do that. She’d wait till daytime to leave so she can see better. No telling if there are more killers out there. The fact that Mrs. Voorhees could take out all those people by herself is quite disturbing. You never know if she had help. Besides, she just decapitated someone after seeing all of her friends dead. She’s traumatized and instinct said to isolate herself. Being in the middle of the lake is perfect to see everything around you. No one can sneak up on you.

      Jason is disfigured because he’s a mongoloid.

    • BooMstick Critique

      yes jason is disfigured an retarded he drowned at 11 at the place were his mom works she was the cook an she trusted the camp counselors to watch him while he went swimming but instead they left him to screw so he drowned an died when they went searching for his body it was never found now either they covered it up to protect the reputation of the camp or threw some supernatural reason his body vanished his mother as indicated by jason goes to hell did some black magic now rather this is what raised jason we dont know but she believed he was dead zn tried to keep the camp shut down an when she couldnt she went on a killing spree which resulted in her dying now jason was alive at this time an saw his mom die why diddnt jason try to stop it or talk to her well its possible he wasnt sure what to do maybe he wanted to avoid her because he diddnt want to burden her any more after she dies jason looses it though an goes on a killing spree

  • turk

    Wait…”Curse of Michael Myers” explained that Michael Myers could teleport?

  • AdamX

    I read a cool story years ago that would be a cool explanation for the dream sequences but than FvJ would blow the theory to hell. But basically when Freddy is pulled out of the dream world the same demons had come to Jason thus allowing him Freddy’s powers but unlike the former he is not smart enough to use or understand them, he just goes about his usual business. The story stated they couldn’t be in the dream world at the same time and when one went in the other was pulled out etc.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    on the teleporting:
    my friends and i used to joke back in the early 90’s that he had an invisible moped, ala wonderwoman.

  • Lunarsickness

    The best question you missed…Did Jason rape Chris as suggested in Part III?

    • Glenn Wills

      It’s a lot like the pedo Freddy issue. It’s very heavily implied but not specifically stated.

    • Overton Green

      That’s always been a gross and fascinating question. They hinted that Jason did rape her but they never really tell you for certain.

    • THGrimm

      That one always got me. I also wonder why he didn’t kill her also?

  • John Connor

    I love this.

  • The Heatmiser

    In the 1940’s, the government brought a group of scientists together in a secret experiment to genetically create a new bread of soldiers that could withstand extreme injuries and conditions during battle. To a degree, they were successful, however the children born were severely deformed and mentally challenged. All died within days of being born. At some point the government decided to scrap the experiments as they were deemed unethical. One doctor refused to give up though, and returned to his private practice in suburban New Jersey and continued his experiments. He artificially inseminated a young, mentally troubled patient by the name of Pamela Voorhees. She never questioned her virginal pregnancy and simply wrote it off as a miracle – a gift from god. She gave birth to the child she named Jason. But Jason, unlike all the other children born of the experiment lived. After the supposed drowning which he survived and the death of his mother, he grew up to be a killing machine. The government was very aware of his existence, yet choose to ignore it as it was proof of their attempts to play god.

    • Dr. Gitrog Crow

      That’s an origin story for something far cooler than Jason Voorhees.

    • Darth_Siskel

      Very good.
      Where has he been all this time since his alleged drowning as a child?

      • The Heatmiser

        Probably hiding as far away from people as he could get. Who is to say that he drowned? Maybe like many autistic people, his mothers love and affection repelled him more than anything, he had no use or need for it, so he fled. Maybe his killing sprees were his interpretation of how we (humans) treat one another.

    • THGrimm

      Love, love, love.

  • Dee-abolik

    How can Tommy grow up that quickly, but it’s still the 80s?

  • Overton Green

    There are tons of continuity issues with the series. The big one is between Part 2 and Part 3. He gets a machete sliced through his body. In part 3 at the beginning the wife of the store owner is watching the news and Ginny is being carted off in by the paramedics. Yet Jason has new clothing and isn’t hurt at all, and shows no visible signs of having been harmed. He also shaved his head during this time since he went from a full head of hair to and eyebrows when he burst through the window to zero hair or eyebrows all in the span of a few hours??

    Also in the third movie when they do the flash back from two years earlier he has no eyebrows and no hair and is bald. Yet again hours earlier in part 2 he had long hair, a beard, and eyebrows lol.

    As far as the Jason question…. Jason drowned as a kid and his mom went on a killing spree. Jason was alive in the second movie because they needed a new killer in the sequel lol. So they in typical 70s/80s fashion they simply ignored the lore that was built in the first movie to push forward with a new movie.

  • George W. Kush

    Are the comics considered canon? If so, Jason’s father was a massive dude who beat the shit out of & raped his wife Pamela on a daily basis. When she gets pregnant with Jason, she starts hearing his “voice” telling her to do stuff. Eventually she listens and kills her abusive husband with an ax. Burns the place down and moves to Crystal Lake. She get’s a job at the Summer Camp as a cook. She has Jason and he’s badly deformed from the domestic abuse presumably, but Pamela loves her “special boy”. Jason grows up at the camp, one day he sees some teen’s fucking and he thinks the guy is hurting the girl and tries to stop them. The councilor smacks Jason and he runs away freaked out and falls in the lake, drowns. His body is never found because the lake has a deep cave system with currents that make it impossible. Pamela freaks out and F13 begins.

    Jason’s immortality is the result of a curse on the lake. Settlers killed local Native American tribes and their shaman put a curse on the land, lake and children of the settlers. Kids die at the lake and always will, Jason is the the current holder of the spirit of revenge unleashed by the shaman. There were others before Jason, he was resurrected to kill and protect the land for as long as he can.

  • Rob Les

    Why does there have to be an answer for everything? There doesn’t. These are horror films. They aren’t based on logic or even science. They are fun ways to escape from life for a while. Have fun with them!

    • Andrew Hale

      For some, I would say the fun includes theorizing.

  • THGrimm

    I always have a lot of fun filling in my own mythology for holes in movies, but especially Friday the 13th as its one of my absolute favorite series. I never heard the theory about Pamela killing kids for a ritual, but that’s a really neat one!

    Though I hate with movie sequels how these schmucks get paid a ton of money to write and they can’t even be bother to address minor details to keep consistency. All of us fans can do it in addition to our daily lives yet they can’t for their whole job!

    • John Connor

      I think even when you have writers that get it right, studio interference starts shedding details to make things more generic for retard audiences, thus giving it the appearance of ‘not giving a fuck’ when in reality a lot of fucks were actually given.

      • THGrimm

        Good call. It’s always the studio that hacks away at the source material until the results come out as you say.


      yea imma use that Pamela resurrected Jason through ritual killings and the necrenomicon explanation from now on

  • True Horror Fan 34

    An ok article but my biggest issue is with Marrow’s answer to what Jason was up to for 20 years. He is giving Jason too much credit by suggesting Pamela was abusive and he wanted to escape or he didn’t want to show her how much of a monster he has become. Jason has numerous physical and mental defects and I feel is not intelligent enough to make those types of decisions. That’s not to say that he has no intelligence which he clearly shows. He hides bodies, sets traps, and disables the power and the phone lines. My opinion is that he survived his childhood drowning and lived in the woods for all these years essentially becoming savage. He memorized what car Alice drove to the camp and lets not forget, in Part 2 she returns to Crystal Lake after two months. Marrow makes it seem he travels half way cross the country.

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