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The Humanoid Evolution of ‘Shin Godzilla’ is Both Male and Female?!

Shin Godzilla far surpassed my expectations, providing a grounded and compelling retelling of the Godzilla story.

The film, released last year through Funimation Films, was a new origin story that detailed the rebirth of Godzilla from a giant fish-like mutant to its recognizable form. The film ended with a huge reveal, however, showing that Shin Godzilla is an organism made from a mutated collection of other organisms; its tail looked like a literal interpretation of “Dante’s Inferno” mixed with scenes from Hellraiser.

A user on the Gormaru Island Facebook page has revealed pages out of “The Art of Shin Godzilla” that show the concept art for Godzilla’s tail, explaining that this is the next evolution of the monster that we’ll see in the film’s sequel. Up close shots show that this next evolution is a mix between male and female organisms, which I think juxtapose the title character well. Below are a series of shots from the book which gives us our first look at what we can expect out of the sequel, which looks something like a better version of Cloverfield if the tiny creatures looked more like Clive Barker’s version of Xenomorphs?




  • Cure4Humanity


  • dopepope

    They went absolutely insane with twisted details and outlandish concepts. It’s pretty amazing to look at. I think they really brought the creativity this time around. Beautiful work.

  • turk

    Movie was far better than I expected. Really had a realistic (by monster movie standards) take on Godzilla. And the effects were pretty solid. There were some oddities, like the old-timey music that never seemed to match the scenes. And then there was that (admittedly, beautiful) woman who claimed she grew up in America as half Japanese, yet could barely speak English. I would literally wonder why the subtitles had stopped before I figured out she was supposed to be speaking English. But, oh well…I guess American movies and actors do that to other cultures all the time.

    • KazeMunashii

      just finished it, and im loving hidieki throwing in eva music too 🙂

  • Adam DB

    Loved it!

  • B.

    A remarkable film. It actually felt like a legitimate updating of the Godzilla story for contemporary, post-Fukushima Japan. A great response to those vacuous American versions too. That reveal at the end was a genuine surprise. Creepy stuff.

  • Rob

    I thought the movie was awesome, but I’m not sure about this continuation. It’s a Godzilla movie and these iterations, though cool looking in their own right, just don’t feel like Godzilla.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    whoa idiot, spoiler alert

    • turk

      Relax, it was like the last 3 seconds, and hard to see for sure. And even then, I can’t see them making a “Godzilla” movie without a giant monster.

      • Knowles222

        But a giant monster and a legion of mutated human freaks, now that I could see.

  • turk

    I watched it a second time, and I kind of zeroed in on what bothered me: Godzilla has no personality, not even as some kind of animal. I get, much like the original, Godzilla is a force of nature. But in this one, he just kept walking…and walking. He never reacted, not even to the heavy artillary. Even when bombs were effective, it seemed more like an automation of defense than actual reaction to pain. There was never any emotion.

    I don’t know, nice way to make Godzilla make some semblence of sense in science, but sucked the personality out of the giant lizard. I liked it, but hard to like it as a true Godzilla movie. That could have been any giant monster.

    • Maxzilla

      I actually have an intresting theory about that point. I completely agree that yes, he didn’t have a personality. He just walked and reacted. But what’s interesting to me is why he walked. Every time he made landfall he would move towards the center of Tokyo, but you would think that monster who is basically brain-dead would just aimlessly wonder. Why did he always go straight for Tokyo?

      Me and my friend came up with a theory that Prof. Goro Maki actually faked his death and is doing something to lure Godzilla into Tokyo to cause havoc, as revenge for his wife dying of radiation leukemia and the Japanese government not helping him. How he’s doing it I don’t know, but I hope we get an explanation for it when a sequel comes out.

  • ultrazilla2000

    I’d love to see more of these humanoid creatures…but I’m not convinced there will even be a direct sequel. Toho’s next Godzilla is an animated feature, so Shin may just be a one shot. Toho does have a history of rebooting, especially since the “Millennium” series, which had five restarts!

  • I’ll be totally up for a sequel with the same director.

  • NYJ

    Pure garbage.

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