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‘Get Out’…Two of the Coolest Scenes Are Missing!




Something I struggle with as a movie fan is when a trailer carries footage from a film that’s not in the final product. One of the absolute worst offenders in recent memory is Warner Bros.’ atrocious The Gallows, which had excellent trailers oozing with cool shots, many, if not most, missing from the released feature. In fact, I notice this with a lot of Blumhouse productions, although it’s actually a symptom of how they make their movies (they rework a lot of their films and end up removing quite a bit of footage by release). While The Gallows left me feeling cheated, the opposite can be said for Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

Get Out, from Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, in now in theaters everywhere. I left a late night screening feeling elated; it’s easily one of the best films of the year, and one that’s going to be hard to top. Watching TV in bed, I caught one of the latest commercials, which had me scratching my head – there was an insanely badass scene cut of the film. In fact, when I started to think back on it, the first trailer had one of the coolest trailer moments in recent memory – you know, the wicked homage to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2?

Warning: spoilers follow…

I spent the morning going through all of the trailers and television spots to see what else was missing, and found these two shots; the first shows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) deep in hypnosis. In the film, there are more than a handful of shots of a deer head mounted on a wall. This is thematically important to Chris’ story, which centers on the death of his mother when he was just a child. In the theatrical cut, Peele constantly is focusing on the deer head, but we never see the trailer shot where Chris is seemingly attacked by a skeleton version of this bust.

The second shot, below, shows a knight attacking a man. There are two separate edits in various television spots, one that makes it absolutely clear that this was cut out of the opening sequence. We see a man walking, only to be kidnapped by someone in all black. In the commercials, we see that the kidnapper is wearing a medieval knight helmet. This comes into play when Chris meets Rose’s (Allison Williams) father, who travels the world and collects weird artifacts. In fact, we see this helmet twice throughout the film, making me wonder if it was supposed to inform the audience that the father is involved in the kidnapping, or if it’s used in a latter sequence that was also removed. It’s cool imagery, but I wonder if the idea was not to tone down the supernatural elements and ground the film in more reality. By removing both of the aforementioned scenes, this would be achieved, and I can’t say I disagree with the decision. If anything, the opening sequence makes absolutely no sense once you know the big secret behind Get Out

But I digress, at least we’ll probably get to see these deleted scenes on the home video release, if not on a much-needed “Director’s Cut”.

Deer Head

The Knight