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‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ Sets Up Sequels, Says New Pinhead

Hellraiser Judgment

The new Hellraiser isn’t even out yet and I’m already falling in love with the new Pinhead, Paul T. Taylor.

Taylor has the daunting role of playing the franchise’s most popular character, Pinhead, in Gary J. Tunnicliffe‘s forthcoming Hellraiser: Judgment. He’s been extremely vocal lately, doing a series of interviews about strapping on some leather and bringing hell back to audiences.  In all of the pieces, Taylor is full of joy, proving very easily that he’s a legitimate horror fan who is hoping to do good by fans.

While we’ll get to that in a second, Taylor did reveal something quite interesting in a new interview with TrunkSpace. While explaining how Hellraiser: Judgment won’t confuse newer horror fans, Taylor explained that this new sequel is a good jumping off point for more films, confirming plans for a sequel (assuming Dimension Films were to greenlight it).

“Some people may not understand exactly who Pinhead is,” Taylor said when asked if ‘Judgment’ was a good jumping off point. “They may want to go back and look at ‘Hellraiser’ 1, 2 and 3… maybe even 4… and see some of the history. But, at the same time, it is a new chapter. It’s an unexplored part of Hell, I would say, introducing some new characters and some new mechanisms behind where Pinhead and all of that comes from. And, it’s also a jumping off point for a sequel following this one that could continue the story that it tells because it’s a true ‘Hellraiser’ script with a beginning, a middle, and a sort of ambiguous end. And these new characters they introduced could be in future ‘Hellraiser’ films.

He also likens the film to torture porn, which I thought was a bit surprising:

“I think people are going to be fascinated with it and the gore elements that we get from like the ‘Saw’ movies and the things that are total, what I would say, on the border of horror porn,” he added. “There’s some elements of [‘horror porn’] in it and that will please many ‘Hellraiser’ fans and many fans of just what contemporary horror can be these days where it’s just a gross-out.”

Speaking of effects, Taylor is a fan of practical work and confirms that, to his knowledge, there’s little to no CGI.

 “ ‘Judgment’ is using, of course, real effects, but also there is a possibility of using CGI,” he explained. “I don’t know how much CGI is used in this. I only know that where I shot, we used real effects, which I was really happy about because, I mean, you go back to the first few ‘Hellraiser’ movies and that’s all real effects. It’s like REALLY well done…I prefer real effects over anything. If you can make that stuff look real… there you go.”

As discussed earlier, Taylor is just a joyous person who refuses to let fan negativity take him down. While he will bring his own interpretation of Pinhead to the screen, he did honor Doug Bradley’s work.

 “I was warned from the very beginning about [fan reactions]. My first meeting with Gary J. Tunnicliffe, the director, when I went out to LA to get my head cast done so they could do the makeup… or actually maybe it was a conversation over the phone even before that… he said he had my back and that he was on my side, but he did warn me that the hardcore fans were going to be brutal. So, I went into it with open eyes and an open mind. I’m not afraid of anybody. I mean, it’s just words and, you know, words can hurt, sure. If they see the film and they don’t like me as Pinhead, that’s their prerogative to spew hate, but really, every actor is different. As much as I’m going to try to do sort of an homage to Doug Bradley’s Pinhead and ‘Hellraiser’s’ history, this is a new film and I’m a different actor. I can’t be Doug Bradley. Hopefully I bring myself to it and people like what they see. I just hope that I’m appreciated in the role for the work I did do. I really, truly believe that more than one actor can play one role… in any case. There are so many actors and so many talented actors, it’s silly to think that only one person could play the Frankenstein’s monster, for example. Look how many people played him. So, yeah… people are entitled to their opinions, but I’m not worried.”

He later adds: “I’m more excited about people who DO like me as Pinhead than I am worried about people who don’t like me as Pinhead.”

The film also stars A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Heather Langenkamp, along with Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulagher, Mike Jay Regan, Diane Goldner, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald, and Grace Montie (read about their roles).

In the new sequel, “Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?”

Watch for release news as it comes in.

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT shot via Gary J. Tunnicliffe



  • Munchie

    Actor in movie praises director of movie, also actor’s own work in movie. Actor also talks out of his ass about post-production details he’d know little to nothing about. Cool.

    • John Connor

      Idiot on internet judges film of which he hasn’t seen.

      • Munchie

        I don’t have to be Einstein to know this movie’s going to suck.

        • Matt

          Good thing you wouldn’t need to be Einstein. I’ve read your posts. You are a great many things, and Einstein certainly isn’t one of them.

          • Munchie

            Kind of a weird thing to admit.

          • Matt

            What’s weird about it? Your posts are right in front of my face all the time. Uh oh, maybe it’s weird for me to admit that I have read your reply to my comment.

          • Munchie


  • Golic

    Just give us a trailer already, so we can laugh at how bad it looks.

    • Wes Draven

      I’m trying to be optimistic about it, myself.

      • Golic

        Good luck with that.

        • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

          youve got it all figured out, dont you?

          taste is subjective, slapnuts.

          • Golic

            I love how personal you’re taking my opinion, ESPECIALLY when it’s about something you had no part in creating. LMFAO

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            im right, see?
            you cant handle it, and thats hilarious.

        • Wes Draven

          Hey, thanks! If it releases around Halloween-time, I’ll be a real happy fella. I figure that I’ll have Cult of Chucky and Hellraiser: Judgment back-to-back, then, I’ll watch Insidious: Chapter 4 and Saw: Legacy in theaters. 😀

      • sliceanddice

        As am I friend. I feel like a rob zombie fan.

    • Darkknight2149

      I’m not so certain it will. For the first time in a while, we’re getting a Hellraiser sequel from people who actually seem to care about what they’re doing. All of the other DTV films were cannon fodder.

  • They can talk and praise and act like this is a legitimate film all they want, in reality this is a cheap production that exists only to retain the rights for the franchise for a few more years and further embarrass the original vision and quality of the first film.

    Clive Barker turned in a ready to film script and they probably weighed actually spending money on it vs. this straight to video nonsense and decided to make something that will be released and forgotten like all the other “made to keep the rights” sequels.

    Hopefully one day someone new in charge will actually think it’s time to take the movie seriously and make a real film out of it. Enough with this low quality trash.

    • sliceanddice

      I absolutely agree with you 100% but i do hope to be surprised by the quality of their ambition. will it suck? probably. will it surprise us… maybe.

      • People were ambitious on the past 5 straight to video sequels, plus the Pinhead in outer space movie, plus the Pinhead as a slasher 3rd movie.

        I mean, I get it, they’re excited to be given a chance to put their stamp on Hellraiser, but ultimately it seems without Clive’s involvement, you’re not making a Hellraiser movie, you’re making just another vapid horror movie with Clive Barker’s imagery.

        • sliceanddice

          I think that’s also true. My only hope is that in the hands of a good craftsman those images might be enough to elevate a poor script / poor ideas. we’ll have to wait and see though

    • Darkknight2149

      Films like “Halloween”, “Evil Dead”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Night of the Living Dead” were made for less than this film’s $500,000 budget. This is also the first film in a while where the people making it actually give a sh*t about it.

      • I’m not implying low budget movies are bad. The original Hellraiser was made for $1,000,000. What I am saying is that this is intentionally being made as a straight to video sequel to simply keep the rights. It’s not being made to further the franchise in creative ways.

        As for the giving a shit about it, I appreciate their enthusiasm, they’re making the best with what they have. I’m saying what they have isn’t enough.

        The business side of things isn’t giving a creative team what it needs make a good movie. And that won’t change unless people say something about it.

        I mean, when your franchise is having fans going “Well, maybe this one won’t suck?,” it’s time to change things.

      • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

        Those films were also made thirty years ago and were still considered low budget for the time.

        Considering that this is the same guy who wrote Revelations, which is dogshit, I don’t expect much.

  • Alanmac

    PLEASE stop posting that picture. It only makes everyone have zero hope for this movie.

    • sliceanddice

      An interesting point. i saw the top picture way back and was like “oooooooh that looks cool! this guy as a good look for pinhead, thin, drawn. just right.” then i saw the next picture and was like “for fuck sake. it looks like a hellraiser cos play competition / halloween disco.
      still, i hope. i really do hope.

  • Saturn

    I have to admit, that aside from Hellword, I’ve enjoyed (to varying degrees) all the Hellraiser movies so far, and yes I do include the (flawed) Revelations – although the “Pinhead” in that one wasn’t a patch on Doug I did enjoy the mean spiritness of certains parts of the movie – yes it was one of the lesser movies, but for me, watching it with an open mind, it was okay.

    I really want to like the new movie, and then any further sequels that may follow before the inevitable remake, so fingers crossed.
    Hopefully they have such sights to show us…..

  • Chip

    Nobody wants this film or this actor. : /

  • jim83

    Is this movie being shelved indefinitely? We haven’t heard anything regarding a release date or have seen a trailer or a teaser of some sort.At this point i’ll be surprised if it ever gets released much less be an actual good Hellraiser movie.Fuck Dimension for not giving up the rights, i am pretty sure Barker would seriously get involved if a decent studio picked up the franchise and actually decided to do something good with it with a budget of more than 500 bucks, heck they could do an anthology TV series, just anything else rather than the cheap direct to dvd right retainer shitfests.

  • Hank_Scorpio

    I appreciate his enthusiasm and his desire to do right by the character. He seems a good fit for the role I suppose.

    But what if he sucks?

    • John Connor

      What if he doesn’t?

      I never blame an actor if a movie sucks because that’s the director’s/producer’s fault. It’s the director’s vision and they hired that actor for that vision. It’s their job to guide the actor to their vision. And if that actor isn’t the right fit, you help that actor become the right fit or you get another actor.

      • Munchie

        We should all call “John Connor” by his real name…Paul T. Taylor. Good luck as Pinhead, buddy!

        • Saturn

          He is lucky to be the 2nd post Doug Pinhead, so I doubt the vitriol will be quite as bad….

  • Otterlee

    I’m willing to keep an open mind. I do think they would’ve been served better by introducing another head Cenobite, but I’m not going to condemn him without a trial.

  • Horrible Day

    I’m watching this movie good or bad but I’m actually slowly warming up to it, it better not disappoint

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    I want this to be good or even decent but I had no idea this was directed by the same guy who wrote Hellraiser: Revelations, which was absolutely abysmal.

    Temper your expectations, people.

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    Being a makeup artist doesn’t make you a competent storyteller or film director.

    Hellraiser: Revelations, which he wrote, was garbage. Maybe – hopefully – Judgement is better but based on his previous work it’s difficult to have faith.

  • Sykes

    Imagine if this turned out to be good, how funny would that be? ‘Cause come on now…

  • Adam Clifton

    Hellraiser: Revelations was absolute crap. Along the level of Creepshow 3 it was that bad. Knowing that, this new one can’t be as bad as that. Right? It has some familiar faces in this one at least. Maybe it’ll turn out okay but it’s just not the same as it would have been if Doug Bradley was still playing Pinhead. I’ll give it a chance though

  • Dear Dimension,

    Look at these comments. The best your Hellraiser series can get from fans is “I’ll give it a chance, but it’ll probably suck.”

    Something is wrong.

    Fix it.


    When people will realize without Robert we can’t have a freddy movie and without DOUG WE CAN’T HAVE A PINHEAD MOVIE ?


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