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Music DVD Review: Clutch ‘Live At The 9:30’

Clutch have done some amazing things musically. For having been around  20 years they just keep on getting better and better with age. “Live At The 9:30” is a true testament to the music they  have created and with that being said I am more than proud to bring you my review of “Live At The 9:30”.

Read on for the review!

Upon receiving “Live At The 9:30” I questioned the album’s title like I do with most albums I get. It turns out The 9:30 Club houses a lot of special memories not too mention some of their influencing bands such as The Melvins have come through there and put on amazing shows. They felt The 9:30 Club was the perfect place to have such a special event. 

The live set is based around them playing their self-titled full length album in it’s entirety. Along with that such gems such as “The Regulator and Gravel Road” are played. Their self-titled full length is still their best selling album to date, selling over 200,000 copies. The show is flawless, I honestly could not tell if there were any one-offs which I’m sure there wasn’t. You can tell they put a lot of care into how this was going to come out and it looks and sounds fantastic, just one step behind from actually being at the show.

Now aside from the live set the package comes with a second disc, “Fortune Tellers Make A Killing Nowadays” which is a documentary with the band as well as other performers and fans talking about how great Clutch is. Throughout the interviews you could call Clutch’s modesty almost disgusting. They are so humble about how much they achieve and express how grateful they are. It’s nice to know a band like that still exists. Along with that there is some archival footage which definitely goes back to the bands early years.

All in all I say this package is well worth the buy. The concert is just perfect and any Clutch fan would love it in their collection. Even if you don’t own many albums from Clutch this is a great way to see how the guys go about things and how fantastic of a show they put on. Now put this in your pipe and smoke it.

5 out of 5 skulls.



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