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Album Review: Caravels’ ‘Caravels’

7″s these days almost seem more important than your full length albums. Well at least in the hardcore/punk community. Caravels have released their first 7″ with Topshelf Records this past month only four months since their first “official” EP “Floorboards”. Is their 7″ just as good as their EP? Read past the break for my review! 

The 7″ clocks in at just about eight minutes long and I have to say it left me wanting more. The two songs that are on it are enjoyable and in no way boring. The songs are raw and have awesome lyrics to match the tone of the songs. In the opening line to the first song “Dream Beaver” the singer comes out screaming “If I could wipe the grime away / I’d leave the rest just the same / I’d find a way to skew what’s left / to make it seem it’s for the best.” After that I was hooked. 
The one thing I kept noticing was how pure the songs were. They didn’t seem forced and all of the instruments sounded awesome. For how desperate the tone of the songs are and the lyrics that compliment them you’d think it was the band’s last stand.  On the B side the singer says “It was a mess, but it was ours, it wasn’t emptiness / It was a mess, but it was ours, it was ours to fix.” is the perfect example of this desperation. 
This 7″ reminded of Thursday during their “Full Collapse” era and that is no way a bad thing. The gentlemen in this band have some talent that should not go unnoticed and I will admit the songs on here might be some of my favorites to come out this year. With that being said I encourage you to spend the $5.00 on an awesome band and pick up their 7″. You can pick it up HERE from Topshelf Records. 
4.5 out of 5 skulls



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