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Check Out A Previously Unreleased Track Featuring Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell and Phil Anselmo With Sean Yseult Of White Zombie

One of the coolest rock stars I have ever met in my life was Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damageplan). Seriously, that guy was one of the funniest, most genuine guys I’ve ever hung out with and I’ve probably never been as drunk as when I was hanging out with the Damageplan guys. I’ve always regretted never having been able to make it to one of the infamous Pantera/White Zombie tours because, let’s be honest here, that sounds so f*cking awesome! Rumors are that the balcony at the State Theater in Detroit was moving up and down nearly three feet from all the craziness. Possible lawsuit waiting to happen? Maybe. Awesome time for all? Most certainly. 

Anyways, back from my little tangent world, Sean Yseult, the bassist of White Zombie, has uploaded an awesome rough recording of her, Dimebag and Phil doing a song called Dawn of the Horrible Gorilla! Check after the jump for a description and a link to the song!

“Dimebag Darrell, Sean Yseult and Philip Anselmo created this absurdity at 6am after a long night of drinking on a Pantera/White Zombie Tour in ’92. Recorded on Darrell’s 4-Track in his hotel room, the song was made up on the spot with Darrell on guitar (and drum machine) Sean on bass, and Phil singing. This comes from a cassette from Sean Yseult’s archives, never heard before!”You can check it out at Sean’s Soundcloud page.



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