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Independent Labels May Face Bankruptcy Due To London Riots is reporting that the warehouse owned by PIAS UK, the largest distribution, marketing and sales company in the UK, has been burned down by rioters and the entire stock seems to have been lost. This affects not only major labels, such as Sony, but also a vast number of independent labels who are heavily reliant upon physical sales. 

Industry analyst Paul Scaife said: “Physical retail is still absolutely crucial to many in the independent sector and if – as seems quite likely – several smaller labels aren’t covered by insurers, this could be the difference between survival and going out of business.”
Alright, I’m sorry for going on a bit of a rant here, but are you rioters f*cking stupid or something? You live in a city with such an amazing heritage and history and you go about destroying it? It’s not like you destroyed one of countless McDonalds or Starbucks. No, you destroyed a warehouse full of music and DVDs, the very things you go home to and listen and watch and enjoy. Now, as a result of your actions, many of your favorite underground bands might have to go through an insane process to get to where they are now and good, innocent people who just wanted to own a record label to provide the music they love suffer at your hands. What the hell people? You make no sense!
No matter what these a$$holes are up to, I sincerely hope for the safety of everyone over there and for a swift end to this madness.



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