Resident Evil: Uprising - Bloody Disgusting
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Resident Evil: Uprising



You may have dowloaded Resident Evil Genesis for your phone, and like I did, hated it. Well Capcom decided a sequel was necessary, for some reason. Though this one looks a bit more promising, I am still a bit nervous about Resident Evil Mobile games.

Two months after the events of Resident Evil: Genesis, Raccoon City is overrun with zombies and horrifying t-virus mutations. Take control of Claire Redfield and make your way through a decaying cityscape where every action means life and death.

* Based on the best-selling and highly acclaimed Resident Evil 2 console game.
* Explore twisted environments and unlock elaborate puzzles.
* Fight infected zombies and tyrants in frenetic combat.
* Arm yourself with an arsenal of deadly weapons including, handguns, shotguns and grenade launchers; many with alternate ammo types.

Past the break for a few screens..


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