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Have a Closer Look at The Mercenaries 3D With a Trailer & Some Screens

I just don’t think you’ve had enough screenshots today so I’m going to remedy that by giving you even more. No need to thank me, I’m merely doing my job. For the uninitiated, Mercenaries 3D is like the Mercenaries mini-game from the last two Resident Evil games with more content and, obviously, now it’s now in 3D. The game supports 1-2 players, Ad Hoc or using Nintendo’s Wi-fi network and it comes with 30 missions.

A big difference between this and its console siblings is The Mercenaries 3D includes a customization system where you can unlock new skills and upgrade your weapons. Head past the break for the game’s brand spanking new trailer revealed at Captivate, as well as a slew of sexy new screens.

Even without the snazzy 3D the game looks pretty great. Prepare for some hot human on non-zombie action when Resident Evil: The mercenaries 3D releases exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS this summer.



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