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E3: Ryse Takes Kinect Kickassery to a Whole New Level

Crytek, the developers behind Crysis 2 have unveiled their next game, the roman gladiator beat ’em up, Ryse. Other than looking incredible, the game’s debut trailer gives us a taste of what it could look like if you were really mad at your TV and getting ready to start a fight with it. My favorite part was when he headbutted the guy, because that definitely doesn’t look weird to anyone that might be watching you play the game. Notice how he’s alone in his living room? That’s because he knows that he looks like dorky as hell. Obviously, the trailer shows no real gameplay footage (a shame really, since Crytek’s games are always stunning visually). But it still looks pretty neat.

Ryse violently tosses you into the middle of the fall of Rome, complete with riots and bloodshed galore. Obviously, it makes full use of the Xbox 360’s Kinect peripheral, something I have yet to purchase. No word on a release date, but it is Xbox 360 exclusive.



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