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E3: More Raccoon City Screens Than You Can Shake An MP5 At

Thought you weren’t going to hear any more about Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City? If you answered yes than you were DEAD WRONG, and that’s the worst type of wrong. That’s like, oops, I forgot to mail Adam an iPad wrong, but lucky for you, I’m here to set things right. And oh my, are these screenshots pretty. If the couple minutes of gameplay from earlier today wasn’t enough to satiate your lust for all things Resident Evil, a couple dozen screenshots should do the trick.

This game is looking rather good, it actually looks like an Outbreak game made in 2011, which is basically what it is (minus the awful controls and craptastic multiplayer, of course). Head past the break to gorge your eyes on some hot, hot pics, just make sure you’re alone and your door is locked. You wouldn’t want to share these with anyone, would you?



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