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Bloody-Disgusting’s Official ‘Hell Ride’ Drinking Game!

While Dimension Films’ Hell Ride (review) is opening in even less theaters than Lionsgate’s MEAT TRAIN, we still hope that (those of you 21 and over) will eventually get a chance to play our “Hell Ride Drinking Game”, which is incredibly appropriate for this travesty on film. Read on and print the game out, take it to the theater this weekend, or save it for when Dimension Extreme releases it on DVD October 28th. We hope it provides you with more entertainment than the film does…

Hell Ride Drinking Game

Larry Bishop takes on a third role as Pistolero, head honcho of the Victors, a group of badass bikers who are out to avenge the murder of one of their members at the hands of the 666ers, a rival gang whose actions live up to their hellish moniker. Along with his cohorts, the Gent (deviously portrayed by Michael Madsen) and the mysterious Comanche (Eric Balfour), Pistolero aims to take down the Deuce and Billy Wings, menacing leaders of the 666ers, but a mutiny looms on the horizon when his commitment to profit is questioned by a few of his fellow Victors. An even larger story unravels when previously unknown information about Comanche resurrects ghosts from Pistolero’s past.

1. Sip whenever a character says “fuck”

2. Take a sip for every boob you see

3. Sip whenever a gun is pointed, drink if nobody shoots

4. Drink every time Larry Bishop is seduced and acts too cool for school

5. Drink every time you catch something Bishop ripped off from Tarantino

6. (*for big drinkers) Drink when someone is mortally wounded and don’t stop until they actually die

HELL CHUG. (*for the alcoholic) – Every time there is a motorcycle montage of them riding with music in the background, you have to chug until the montage ends

END THE PAIN. You have to drink whenever you’re bored. You’ll blackout by the 30 minute mark…



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