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Additional Scenes Being Shot For ‘Twilight’

It’s the same old song and dance, isn’t it? A little semantics goes a long way in Hollywood, especially when you’re trying to protect your film. It was revealed today that Summit Entertainment will be shooting “additional scenes” for their over-hyped teen vampire drama, Twilight, which now arrives in theaters November 21 (a day once inhabited by HARRY POTTER). Inside you can read about the latest on Catherine Hardwicke’s adaptation.
I’m so psyched about it; we are shooting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, and it’s really cool,” Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) told MTV News.

Often, movies have to reshoot scenes when the powers that be are less than satisfied with the original footage, but Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen, put a positive spin on the work they’ll be doing. “They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up,” he said. “A little salt and pepper.

According to Taylor Lautner, the shoots were planned before Summit Entertainment snagged the Thanksgiving weekend release date. “I know they’ve been showing it to some people, and some people go, ‘I want to see a little more of this,’ or, ‘I don’t quite understand this,’ ” he explained.

It sounds to me like there were actual problems with the film – not enough salt and pepper – I guess we’ll see soon enough…

The film is about a high school girl named Bella falls in love with a vampire. The new couple leads a rival vampire clan to pursue them and attempt to force her to decide if she, too, wishes to become one of the undead.



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