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Horrorfest ’09: New Images From ‘Autopsy’ and ‘Dying Breed’

Amping up for this year’s “* Films to Die For”, After Dark Films has started a full-fledged marketing attack unloading tons of materials for all eight films. Last week we gave you a truck load of information, with posters and stills, now a new batch has hit the web. Over at the festival’s official website, you’ll find a dozen stills from Adam Gierasch’s Autopsy, while the dudes over at Dread Central scored three pics from the Aussie thriller Dying Breed, which stars SAW co-creator Leigh Whannell. You can click any title above for more information, or check out our official After Dark Horrorfest III page for details on all eight films. The festivals kicks off January 9, 2009.



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