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Not Only is ‘Cloverfield 2’ Happening…It’s Filming Right Now!



It’s no secret that ever since Cloverfield was a smash at the box office, sequel buzz has been non-stop, but what if they were able to do it right under our noses…again? Over the course of the last few days, we’ve received several spy reports that filming had begun, but decided it best not to jump the gun, but now some reliable details are starting to leak out and it’s officially time to get pumped for the return of all-out-monster action!

The aforementioned spies have been reporting from the beaches of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico – where the film is apparently taking advantage of the spring break crowds – for a large action scene rumored to be the opening sequence of the film. While no official announcements have been made, our spies have gathered from talking to P.A.’s and Craft Services with loose lips that Matt Reeves has returned (this is the reason for the Let the Right One In remake delay) as Director and J.J. Abrams is once again serving as producer. This time, however, screenwriting credit will be shared by Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof (LOST). Also scheduled to return are Odette Yustman (Beth) and Michael Stahl-David as Rob, along with a large cast of newcomers.

“Cloverfield Raids Again,” as its being referred to around set (likely not the final title), is said to retain the handheld camera aesthetic but to be much larger in scale, taking place in several locales around the world and featuring not one, but several monsters. As for the infamous final shot of the first film, in which a much-debated satellite falls from the sky into the ocean – it’s said to be a major jumping off point for this film as it apparently awoke not one, but several creatures… all that may or may not have grown from spores deep in the sea.

We’ve also heard that the locations include Mexico, a return to New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., North Carolina, the volcanoes of Hawaii, Tokyo, Antarctica, Space, Tokyo in 1985 (complete with appearance of Raymond Burr), among many more and will feature not only several Cloverfield monsters, but also Hedorah, Mothra, and giant crab monsters.

Titles already said to be rejected by the studio are said to include “Four Leaf Cloverfield”, “Cloverfield Vs. Monsters Vs. Aliens” and “Clover…Field of Dreams.”

It should be noted that there are no official press releases or announcements in the trades yet, but we’re hearing this from some reliable sources. It should also noted that this is all fake, but who knows, what if they were filming this right now?


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