Full Limited Release for 'Paranormal Activity' on October 9th - Bloody Disgusting
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Full Limited Release for ‘Paranormal Activity’ on October 9th



Paramount Pictures’ new thriller Paranormal Activity (review) sold out all of its Thursday thru Saturday midnight screenings in 33-cities across the country this weekend, earning a per screen of $16,000 for a total estimated gross of $535,000, reports a press release via Paramount. Hundreds of thousands of fans from across the U.S. have overwhelmingly demanded PA in their area, prompting Paramount to expand the hit horror film to over 40-markets, and will begin offering the movie AT ALL HOURS(!), including the previous midnight only venues, beginning next Friday, October 9th. “The fans have spoken, and we are listening,” said Paramount Pictures Vice Chairman Rob Moore. Paranormal Activity not playing in your area? DEMAND IT! Bring it to your city by visiting the film’s official website. Don’t forget to write your own review to tell all of BD what YOU thought.


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