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Slamdance Screenplay Competition Extended

Slamdance has earned a solid reputation for premiering films by first-time writers and directors working within the creative confines of limited budgets, and ever since the festival showed Cannibal The Musical directed by Trey Parker in 1998, it has consistently celebrated the twisted mutations of the horror genre. From premiering Trailer Park of Terror to Cold Prey, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and the current smash hit Paranormal Activity – already one of the most successful independently made films of all time – Slamdance filmmakers and audiences alike love their horror. To further showcase the horror genre, Slamdance created a Horror Screenplay Competition in 2007 to encourage and support emerging horror writing talent and give what its growing fan base wants to see. This year’s screenplay prize is bloody beautiful: Competition Sponsor Alternate Reality is providing the winner with $10,000 with an option for the purpose of making it into a feature film. The finished film would, of course, proudly screen at Slamdance. Lastly, it’s not just about the big hit at Slamdance…it’s about helping writers and filmmakers get to the next stage of their career. The Horror Competition offers every entrant fast track and online screenplay coverage…at an affordable price.



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