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AFM ’09: Trailer and Sales Art for Thai ‘Phobia 2’

Check out this monster collaboration for Phobia 2. The screaming experience from 2008 is about to return again with a portmanteau horror film by the most talented film directors including Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone, 4BIA), Paween Purijitpanya (Body, 4BIA), Songyos Sugmakanan (Dorm, Hormones), Parkpoom Wongpoom (Shutter, Alone, 4BIA), and a new director Visute Poolvoralaks (the man behind the success of Shutter, Alone, 4BIA, and Coming Soon). Don’t be surprised if you are addicted to fear. Check out the film’s official website or read on for the trailer and sales poster.



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