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70’s Sci-fi / 80’s Horror Take Over ‘Slime City Massacre’ One Sheet

Below you’ll find a pretty cool one sheet for Slime City Massacre from Stephen Ramano. “It has a blend of 70’s sci-fi / 80’s horror that the film celebrates,” stated director Greg Lamberson. Stephen also created 15 paintings that will be used in the film’s opening title sequence. The down and dirty sequel focuses on four squatters, fighting to survive in post holocaust New York City, who discover Zachary Devon’s elixir and Himalayan yogurt int he ruins of his soup kitchen. All four characters are possessed by Zachary and members of his suicide cultm and absolute mayhem ensues! The film will be a celebration of 1970s cinema nihilism and 1980s latex spaltter flicks. Featuring an all out war between Slime Heads, homeless people, cannibals and merceneries, Lamberson promises this film will be wilder and crazier than the original.



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