Joaquin Phoenix Attemps to Solve 'Cigar Girl' Murder as Edgar Allan Poe - Bloody Disgusting
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Joaquin Phoenix Attemps to Solve ‘Cigar Girl’ Murder as Edgar Allan Poe



A little juicy nugget of news was hiding in the India Times where they announced that Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire composer Resul Pookutt would be scoring a feature film adaptation of Daniel Stashower’s The Beautiful Cigar Girl. They reveal that Joaquin Phoenix (Signs, Gladiator, 8MM) will be playing Edgar Allen Poe in the period piece that recounts the last days of Poe where he attempted to solve a local murder in his fictional magazine serial featuring “Dupin”. You can read a bit more about the book below.
The author of Edgar winner Teller of Tales now recounts the story of Manhattan tobacco store clerk Mary Rogers, a mysterious beauty whose posse of admirers made her a minor celebrity in 1841 in various newspapers’ society pages.

The discovery that year of her mutilated corpse fueled a public outcry and a newspaper circulation war, as well as a fictional magazine serial by Edgar Allan Poe featuring his famous detective Dupin speculating on the murder of working-class Parisian “Marie Rogêt.”

Poe rightly deduced that Mary wasn’t a victim of the gang violence that plagued New York City in the absence of an effective police presence. But he came late to the accepted theory that Mary had died of a botched abortion and had to tweak his final installment to maintain his and Dupin’s reputations.” -Publishers Weekly


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