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Merc With A Mouth #3 Cover Channels Dawn of the Dead

I was just going through this weeks releases when I noticed another greay Suydam cover for Deadpool: Merc with a mouth #3. As you can tell it’s an homage to the movie Dawn of the Dead. Merc with a mouth kinda continues where Marvel Zombies 4 left off. A must buy if you are a fan of zombies AND Deadpool. More info after the break…
merc3 Head Trip,’ part 3. They don¹t call it the ‘Savage Land’ for nothing! Trapped between cavemen zombies and an elite Hydra strike team, Deadpool’s only bargaining chip is the thing they both covet: The severed-but-still-devious head of the Marvel Zombies Deadpool! If the Merc With a Mouth is going to survive, he¹s going to need all his wits and a timely assist from a guy in a loincloth named Ka-Zar and his saber-tooth sidekick. And he’d best keep one eye on ‘Headpool’ — ’cause that little critter is not to be trusted.



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