'Friday the 13th' Vet to Cameo in 'Scream IV'? - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Friday the 13th’ Vet to Cameo in ‘Scream IV’?



Update: The studio is unaware of the casting, but the cameo might just be a “Wes Craven” thing, as it was put to us. We received quite an interesting tip while covering the premiere of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Apparently (and to be very clear, unconfirmed), Adrienne King has landed a cameo in Dimension Films’ Scream IV. This is a perfect homage to the slasher genre by director Wes Craven as King is best known for her role in the original Friday the 13th (and the sequel’s opening) as Alice Hardy. This isn’t all that surprising either as King has returned to acting as she’s booked roles in both Walking Distance and The Butterfly Room. We’ll try and confirm tomorrow and get back to you with an update.
Adrienne King


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