'Chronicle' Director To Take On Venom? - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Chronicle’ Director To Take On Venom?

With all the hype surrounding Sony’s forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, due out this summer (in mind bending 3D), they are already seeking out ways to further the franchise. That’s right folks, you may be in store for the Venom spinoff that you’ve been waiting a long, long time for. LA Times reported yesterday that the studio is currently in talks with Chronicle director, Josh Tank, about the project. Get stoked. Read on for the skinny…

Though this film is far from set, it’s been in the works since 2007 after the failing of Raimi’s third Spidey instalment. It’s been a long time coming and suppose Sony was only waiting for the right man to come along to take on this project of (hopefully) epic proportions.

Though nothing official has been released yet, it was leaked that Sony was in talks with Tank about the Venom spinoff. Prior to Tank, the film was in the hands of Gary Ross, and a few others before getting pushed to the backlogs of Hollywood. Rest assured, the star of That 70’s Show will not, I repeat, will NOT, be playing Venom this time around. Thank the gods for that.

Let’s hope this one gets an official green light soon so we can all start dreaming about that wonderful space good on the big screen. Who knows, maybe they’ll even bring Remender in for some script work, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.